Sunday, March 15, 2009


Yes, that is me. For some reason, it's getting harder and harder to post. lol.

I cannot believe it's the middle of March already!!! (????) Where does time go?? Anyways, this weekend was a great one. My Mom and I went to an Extraordinary Women Conference at my church, Friday and Saturday. It was awesome! All of the speakers were amazing. The best part.....if you are a Fullhouse fan, such as I, Candace Cameron-Bure (aka DJ Tanner) was there! You better believe girlfriend got a picture with her AND her autograph!

She had one of the sweetest testimonies too. Mom and I spent the rest of the weekend just enjoying "girl time". She is NEVER away from "mom duties" so it was like a mini-vacation for her. Meanwhile, Austin was in Savannah having "guy time" at the Rattlesnake Round-Up! (Can I get a "yee-haw"??) Yeesh, I cannot believe it will be Monday, already. Boo. One reason that I am looking forward to this week- Austin is home ALL week!! :) Yay!

Sorry this is such a short entry, especially when I haven't made one in SO long....but laundry and dishes are calling my name!!!