Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Well, I'm sad to see this nice long weekend go. For once, we had four days to do whatever we wanted and didn't plan a single thing in advance the entire time.

We woke up together, enjoyed our coffee together, and did whatever we felt like doing when we woke up that day. We didn't do much. It was awe to the some :)

We decided to go to St. Augustine Sunday morning (we didn't go to church because Peyton had a cold). It was pretty hot but we were having a good time....until we decided to take some pictures of Peyton in front of the fort and I somehow got stung by a wasp!! How do I manage to just be walking around and my foot find the only darn creature walking, not FLYING, around in the grass??? Big OUCH! I have NEVER been stung by anything ever. So I kind of freaked out a little. But with good reason because I am allergic to ants, as in anaphylactic shock allergic, so I was afraid that I would have a reaction to the sting. Needless to say, we headed home after that. I didn't have a reaction though, hallelujah!! Other than that, we really had a great weekend!

On another note, I've lost two more pounds for a total of 18. I'm almost to 20!! Buuuttt after some of the things I ate today....the next few pounds might be delayed : /

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Yay for three day weekends!!!

It's amazing how even though I'm a SAHM, I still look forward to weekends as much as I did when I worked. I thought all the days would blend together...I was way wrong. I'm glad that they're still special.

I'm especially looking forward to this LONG weekend!!

I can sum up this weekend with three words: Quality Family Time :)

Happy Memorial Weekend!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Being Honest.

Ok...follow up on my Weight Watcher journey.
Didn't think I'd follow through huh?? It's ok, I didn't think I would either. Ha.

Anyhoo...let's back up to March. That's when I decided I needed to start losing some weight for my sister's upcoming nuptuals (July 9th). My plan was simple. I gave myself 4 months to lose 20 pounds. That's 5 pounds a month, ONE pound a week. For some that may sound slow and dragged out, but for me, it was perfect.

I mean, I needed to be honest with myself and considering my past "dieting history" which was filled with a bunch of two-day (maybe three, holy cow! ha) start-up dieting then BAM! I gave in, I needed something that was a realistic goal for myself.

So it started. My plan? Count calories. I found a fitness website that had me enter my current weight, my goal weight and other physical info and it then told me how many calories I needed to consume to get to my goal. It was tough. I downloaded an app for calorie counting (where would we be without glorious technology?!) and entered everything that went in my mouth. A few weeks went by and a few lbs came off. Even though it was getting a little easier, if I didn't carefully plot my daily intake, there would be some nights I would still be soo hungry and that was getting old and annoying. Enter the Best Friend. She suggested me joining her in doing Weight Watchers (she's done it a few times before with AWESOME results). I was hesistant because I didn't want to have to pay but she sweetly offered to let me bum off of her and to answer any questions I would have. To my delight, the online program was running a free 7 day trial!! Woop!! I signed up and used that week to take notes and get what I could from the website so I could still continue with it once I cancelled.

With a little help from a wonderful app (Weight Watchers Point Calculator) I have lost 16 pounds in the past 2 1/2 months!! =D < BIG smiley face from this girl!! I'm ahead of my "losing plan" and definately don't plan on stopping once I reach the big 20...which is only 4 pounds away!!! (Squeeeee!!!)

I seriously am so proud of myself. I have a problem with following through on difficult tasks like this...who wants to stop eating junk whenever they want?? ha.

Here's to the continuation of flub falling off!! ;)

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I'll be adding more items a little bit at a time, so keep checking back!

Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm excited!!

I have finally decided to open up an Etsy store for my creations! :)
I wasn't sure about it at first, and made a Facebook page to test the waters, but now I'm moving on up! Once I've listed all my items and have my "shop" ready, I'll put a link up and you can tell me what you think!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

My new love

I like coffee but I REALLY love iced coffees. Lordy, give me one from Dunkin, Starbucks, and/or McDonalds and I'm a happy gal. But sadly I can't afford to be going out every morning/noon/night and buying myself some of that liquid gold. So, I've been on the search for some coffee creamer that will help making coffee at home bearable (I'm a coffee snob, isn't that so sad??).

And I've hit the jackpot:

I LUURRVE Almond Joy and when I saw this beaut, I knew we would be best friends. And I was right. Holy heaven, it's delish. My husband's new love is the Cinnabon flavor. We're having affairs with creamer, ha.

So, if you want some awesomeness in a bottle, I suggest you walk run to the store and get some NOW!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ahhh, fresh and new!

Time for another freshening (is that a word? If not, it is now :)) up for the good 'ol blog.

Earlier this evening I painted my nails yellow...funny, it must subconsciously be my new fav color right now.

Why I get the urge to do this at 12:30 at night I have no idea, well yes I do, it's when I have TIME! lol.

Me likey.

Monday, May 9, 2011

15 Months!!

Man, Peyton is a little person now and demands even more of my attention (if that is even at all possible?!) so it's nearly impossible to do monthly stats anymore! BUT, she is doing SO many new things I needed to write them all down so I can remember them!!

Let me just start by saying that Peyton is seriously the smartest, funniest, cutest little child that ever walked this planet. Seriously. (that is not biased at all, it's the TRUTH people!)

As of 4/27/11 (her 15 mo. appt):

weight- 21 lbs (25th % tile)
height-  31.5 inches (60-70th % tile)

In size 4 diapers (still with a little room to spare)

She "talks" all the time now. Like even in the car, I will hear her just babbling away. We're going to have quite the conversationalist once she gets the hang of (real word) sentences!!

She LOVES to talk on the phone. Whether someone is on the other line or not. Girlfriend knows what to do with 'em!

At just shy of 14 mo. Peyton was officially off "Momma food" (no more nursing, lol) And let me just say that I thought it was going to be really hard to ween, but it wasn't that bad! Thank the Lord.

When she wants to eat, she walks over to her highchair and let's me know she wants up

She's starting to mess with her diaper when it's i think potty training might be in our near future

We have a great bedtime routine: around 9, I scoop her up, we give daddy kisses, I tell her night night, I give her a kiss and tell her I love her, lay her down in her crib, hand her her blankie and she rolls over and goes to sleep! I love it and can only pray it stays this way!

She can say her "prayers". As soon as we sit her down to eat, she immediately folds her hands and waits for us to say the blessing and will keep them folded until we say "amen"

Loves to have her shoes put on...I don't know where she gets that from ;)

Her current vocabulary:

Where did it go?
All done! ("nall none")
Thank you ("day-doo")
Night, night ("nigh-nigh")
Hold me ("ol' me")
Uh oh
Oh no
What is this? ("wha is di")
What is that? (wha is da")
Mimi- my mom
Ra Ra- Sarah
Nana- Manda
Bandit- my parent's dog
Mommy, Momma
Daddy, Dada

What she loves right now:

-Mickey (still)
-Baby, her doll
-Bunny, her stuffed rabbit
-water (to drink)
-Mac and cheese
-walking Cody on his leash
-"reading" books
-Curious George
-making a "surprised" face....she cracks herself up, lol
-pointing out birds flying/planes flying in the sky

I know there's more I've left out. I just can't keep track of everything she does! It seems as if they develop at light speed at this stage!! But man, oh man I love this stage. Their little personalities are just bursting at this point.

While I really miss a sweet, cuddly, squishy baby...I love cuddles and kisses from a little one that does it because SHE WANTS and CHOOSES TO, more :)