Saturday, February 27, 2010

One Month!

I cannot believe it's been a MONTH already....time flies. Let's see if I can recap what's happened during Peyton's first month...

We've come to accept the fact that our sweet little girl has colic :( Luckily, every day isn't horrible. We have our good days!

She has taken to a pacifier. (Well, when she wants to) This has been a life saver when she starts to really get fussy.

She's a marathon eater...sheesh, she would stay attached to me if I'd let her! (within two weeks she gained a solid pound!)

Newborn sizes are just now really starting to fit....she is long but very skinny!

She kind of likes her stroller. We've taken a few walks and she hasn't screamed! So I concider it something she "likes"....however I'm still not brave enough to try the stores!

Austin and I both are stubborn and hardheaded, so our daughter has received a double dose. (Lovely!)

Anything that a typical newborn would like/or would help calm one down, does NOT work on my child. Forget the swing or swaddle blanket. She is high maintanence. Whatever is the most work for mommy and daddy is what works best...imagine that.

She is an AWESOME sleeper (at night). We shoot to go to bed between 10-11 and she sleeps until 5! Do I hear angels singing?? :)

She is extremely strong! She already will roll herself onto her side, if on her back and if mad enough, has turned onto her tummy from her side.

If Austin or I are holding her and she hears the other talk, she'll turn her head and search for you.

She loves her mommy! ...and I love that :)

I CAN NOT belive that a month has passed already. Austin and I have learned so much as new parents. It is a HARD but truely rewarding job! We look forward to what her next month will bring!!

Friday, February 26, 2010


I just want to document that yesterday, we were able to take Peyton on her first outing and she slept the ENTIRE screaming! Hooray! :) Car ride of about 35 mintues, Target shopping of probably about 30 minutes (we tagged along with Austin, he had to work), lunch IN Moes, and then the ride home! Praise Jesus! Now the evening was another story, but hey, baby steps!! :)

***Oh, and we're trying out Baby Bliss Gripe Water. I want to say that stuff is the reason for for our wonderful half day yesterday but I don't want to get my hopes up just yet. We're giving it to her twice a day right now, and I give it to her right after she eats in hopes that it helps her food agree with her tummy better. If the gripe water does the trick, I think I'll forever be indebted to that company! I know my husband will make sure we never run out of a supply! lol.

Thank you to everyone that offered help/suggestions!! Sometimes it's simply comforting to know that others have been there too :)

Besties at first sight

Last weekend, my best friend and her family came to meet Peyton. It was a long awaited visit, as life kept getting in the way and we had to keep moving the dates. Peyton may have screamed a good amount of the time, but we really enjoyed our time together. It was so neat to have our girls finally meet!! Little do they know, but they are going to be BFFs :) We just hung around the house for the most part, but Jenn and I did take the girls for a walk, Peyton's first walk. Can you guess what she did for the first half of the walk? Yep, cryscream. I picked her up and she stopped immediately, so I then sat her back in her stroller and she was quiet the rest of the time! Jenn and I concidered that a success, lol. All in all, I got to visit with my best friend, my little girl got to visit with her best friend.....WONDERFUL WEEKEND :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I asked this on my Facebook too.....but Peyton has colic....I've diagnosed her myself because the poor baby cries ALL.DAY.LONG. and for no reason. I hate it :( And we have tried everything we know. We give her Mylicon, bounce her, I feed her as much as I think she wants it, we've even layed her down in her crib and just let her fuss (after I KNOW she's full and has a clean diaper) and she just does not quit. Anyone try something different and it work??

Monday, February 15, 2010

Birth Update...FINALLY


Being a new mom is tiring, exciting, wonderful, overwhelming...and everything in between! It's awesome! :) As my perfect little one is napping, I will attempt to share her birth story! Bare with me...

It all started when my doctors office called me on Monday, the 25th to see if I could come in that Tuesday instead of Thursday. I had made so much progress (going from 1 cm. to 3cm in less than 5 days) they didn't want to wait until the original appt. So, in we went on Tuesday the 26th. Everything was going well, I was feeling good (as good as you can be at almost 39 weeks), wasn't having any swelling....and BAM! The nurse checked my blood pressure and it was 140/100. NEVER have I EVER had problems with my BP, so that was weird. My midwife let me chill for a few minutes to see if that would bring it down. (Afterall I was a little anxious because I wanted to see if/how much I had progressed!) She came back and checked again, nope. She explained that if she told the doctor, the doctor would send me to the hospital ASAP...and I didn't want to go just yet, so she let me go walk out to the car and hang around for about 20 mintues and come back. Well, we came back and STILL no change. It was official, we were going to have a baby within the next 24 hours!!! We stopped at home to eat dinner and get comfy and off we went to the hospital!

We got to the hospital just short of 8:00 pm. By the time I got settled into my room it was around 9:00 pm. At 9:30 the doctor came in and checked me and I was 4-5 cm dialated, so she went ahead and broke my water. Now, at this point, I was having no pain...weirdly enough, none! After she broke my water, the pain started about 15 minutes after that. I suffered for about an hour....and let me tell you....I was in some serious pain!! I kept asking for the epidural and for the nurse to hurry because I was NOT about to suffer through worse, lol. After I got the epidural, it was all good! At about 2:00 am my doctor came in to check me before going to see another patient, and low and behold, I was ready to push!!! After some pretty effortless pushing (epidurals are wonderful, have I mentioned that??), our beautiful Peyton Nicole entered the world. It was the most awesome experiance Austin and I have ever been through, simply amazing.

Over the past two and a half weeks, we've just been trying to adjust to life with a newborn. I knew it would be challenging, but I just don't think anything can prepare you for the real thing! Luckily, Peyton sleeps really well at night. Sleeping for about 4 hours the first round, and three hours the second. I can't complain about that...a few hours in a row is plenty for me! :) She has been pretty fussy, but with each day that passes it seems to lessen. Pray that continues! I did have a breast infection, yuck, so the medication I was on didn't help her tummy either. After trying several pacifiers, we finally found one she likes, well tolerates. That's been a BIG help! She is just the most beautiful little thing we've ever seen. Austin and I just love to stare at her. (We're not partial...) When she gets older, she's going to think we're weird ;)

I'm going to try to be better about posting little updates or pictures a few times each week so that all of you can enjoy her cuteness as much as we do :)

Thank you for all of your prayers, and please continue to pray for our little family! :)

Happy Valentines Day!!


The Rumseys :)