Monday, September 24, 2012

Parker: One Month

My goodness, Parker, you are a month already! A WHOLE month!! Let's recap on this past month's events.....

Weight: guessing 10-ish lbs **9/28I was WAY off. We had a jaundice check up this morning and he weighed in at 11.6 lbs!! Whoa baby :)
Length: 21-ish inches? (Guessing. He was born at "20" but at his week follow up they said 21 and I think that is more accurate considering he is one long little fellow)
Clothing: By your third week, newborn things were too small. You are currently wearing "0-3 mo" things and even now those are getting too small. A few 3-6 mo. pieces fit too.
Diapers: I already moved you too 1s because we were having alot of leaks!

We got off to a bit of a rough start with you spending your second week of life living on a "baby tanning bed". It was apparent that you were jaundice and I could tell you were getting drowsier by the day, so at your one week check up, Dr. Kim sent us to get your levels checked. Sure enough, you were at a 16.1 and the normal range is a 6 or 7 =/ So that night, an at-home nurse came over and brought your bed. You had to live on that thing day and night (only coming off to eat for 30 mins every 2 hours) until your levels came down to an acceptable number. We finally got the number we needed that Thursday night and as soon as I got the call from the nurse (at 3 AM!!), I took you off immediately!! I couldn't wait to snuggle you!! Even now you are still a little yellow but at your two week check up your dr said it could take 6 weeks to clear....but the good thing is, no light and it will just work itself out of your system =)

 Your sister loves you SO much!! I can't keep her away from you. She always wants to hold you and kiss your head. It melts my heart...I don't know how I will deal when you can kiss or hug her back for the first time! You will just stare at Peyton when she's talking/playing with you. I love it.

At about three weeks, you started doing/trying to do alot. As I said above, your eye contact was great and you started trying to talk. All you can get out are squeals and an "Uuuughhh" (sounds like a cute sigh). But it is the cutest thing ever. You smile quite often, even though I'm not quite sure when it's supposed to be an "on purpose" smile, but I'll take it! You've been holding your head up since you were born (obviously not for long periods of time). You are already trying to roll get to your side, and get stuck, then get angry. I have a feeling it won't be too long before you get it. You don't care for being held in a cradle, unless it means your about to get fed. You love being up on someone's shoulders. You like being able to see everything. If I stand you on your legs, you'll bare all your weight on them and stand for a few seconds. You are so STRONG!! You obviously take after your Dad ;) I swear it feels as if you are already trying to grow faster than normal.

Once you turned a month old, I decided it was time to try to get you (and me) on a good routine to help you sleep better at night. You'd been in our bed with us and it was just not working that well because you were so squirmy at night, neither of us would get much sleep. So far we're about 4 days into it and you've slept no less than 4 1/2 hours straight (12-4:30, 11-5:30, 10:30-4). I'm impressed and hope it stays this way! I'll revisit this next month.

Little boy, we love you so much! Don't grow too quickly!!