Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What an Honor

When I can't sleep at night, I lay there sometimes and think of things I want to blog that a problem?? lol. Well, whether or not it is, that's what I do. And last night was no exception.

I started thinking about being a mom and how quickly my life adapted to being one. I've always known I wanted to be a Mommy. I'm the oldest of four girls, and was at least 4 years older than the next, so of course, I LOVED helping my Mom with each of them when they were little.

When I was thirteen, I started babysitting because I just loved having little ones to take care of. Once I was in my early 20's, I was in a serious relationship, with the hubs. At this point in life, you and your partner and friends start talking (more seriously) about life- marriage, kids, how many kids etc. I get married and then the next topic is babies. It's fun to talk about with the girlfriends and husband, but of course, "NO! We are nowhere ready for that commitment. We'll just enjoy everyone else's for now :)"

Then one day, whether or not you plan're pregnant! My time had come! It's a crazy feeling, mixed with excitement, nervousness, anxiousness, and curiosity. You really have no idea what you're in for. The weird thing for me was even though I saw my belly grow, it still never really felt "real". As I got further along, all these questions started floating around my head, if I nurse "how will I know if the baby gets enough", "how will I know how often to feed her" and "how am I going to get her on a schedule? Will she do it on her own or will I have to?" I start asking family and friends for their advice, storing it away for later.

"D Day" arrives and it's time for baby. HOLY COW!! Funny thing, even sitting in the hospital bed hooked up to monitors and an IV, I STILL did not feel like it was real. (Those darn contractions sure did feel real though!) I've watched a Baby Story on TLC for years, and finally being in that situation personally, felt kind of weird. Once Peyton made her debut and I was holding her, nothing else mattered anymore.

Here I sit, five months later. FIVE months later. That sounds both like such a short time and such a while. I cannot believe that I have been a Mommy for five months. I can't believe I've only been a Mommy for five months. I feel so experienced. I was thinking about all the things you get so nervous about right before the baby comes, all of the questions I had, wondering if I would be able to do this or that.....looking back, it just all came naturally. Breastfeeding was quite a feat for me, but overall has gone well. I worried about Peyton sleeping patterns and her nap times...that all worked out just fine. All of the little worries and questions just kind of answered themselves and they came and went.

That, right there, is how I know I was meant to be a Mommy. I'm not an emotional person, Austin can attest to that (ha) but having Peyton has tweaked that, a little. When she wakes up in the middle of the night and I go in and scoop her up, and she reaches her little hand up to stroke the side of my face as I rock her....((melts my heart)) How can I not tear up?? I am so thankful that God has allowed me to mother such a precious little one. It is such an honor!!

Thank you Jesus for making me a Mommy!! ♥

Question for my Mommy friends

Now that I'm introducing Peyton to "solids", I'm curious as to how often and how much to give her. Right now, she gets rice cereal mid-morning, between her morning and lunch nursing, and half a jar of a veggie between her evening nursing. How did you do it and when did you start upping their intake??

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sunday, June 27, 2010

5th Month of Bliss

*size 1-2 diapers

*13 lbs. 12 0z. / 25 3/4 in.

*mostly in 3-6 mo. clothes and some 6 mo. items (can still wear a few 3 mo. items as long as they have no "feet")

*LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ("hot dog hot dog hot diggity dog" song stays in my head ALL DAY...)

*found a new chew toy- her feet; and likes to continue to chew on it

*her "babbling" is really starting to sound like words...just maybe foreign words, lol-is making the sounds "mum mum, yayayaya, dadadada"

*first "solid food"- rice cereal- She also took to "eating" right off the bat, most of the food goes in and stays in! (so far has also tried peas, carrots and green beans)

*when laying down, always rolls onto her tummy, and when flipped back over, does it again, and again, and again...

*found she can gurgle her spit, and does it ALOT

*does really well while out and about

*still eats about every two hours, but if she's distracted with something or we're out somewhere she can go without longer

*spit up came out of her NOSE for the first time

*got her first cell phone...Fisher Price style, ha (thanks MiMi :))

*drank through a straw!

*got her first TWO teeth (both within ONE week!)

*is starting to "scoot"...since we're seeming to be early on most developmental things, why not already beginning to crawl?! Oh and mind you, still not sitting up on her own though...

This is SUCH a fun stage. She's starting to be more of a little person rather than a "baby". Kind of sad to think about in some ways though. At least she still loves to be held and cuddled :) She is so extremely her how to do something just a couple times and she's got it.

We're still working on her night time sleeping. Since she's big-time teething, sleeping at night has not been good. I've started putting her in her crib. She'll go down by 9 the latest and sleep until 2, I'll nurse her and attempt to put her back down in her crib, if she won't have it, I just lay her in her pack n play in our room and she'll usually sleep until 4-5, she'll nurse again and then sleep until 8. I'm hoping after her two teeth fully come in that I'll be able to get some good sleep. I guess we'll see :/

I'm looking forward to this next month of fun firsts and adventures!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

It has a friend...

I heard they come in twos, and sure enough......Peyton has tooth number TWO coming in!! TWO within ONE

Still trying to get a picture. Her little tongue won't have it! ;)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tooth alert!!

Peyton has her first tooth!! Austin was feeling around her mouth earlier today and she bit him! It's her bottom left, middle tooth. My baby's a big girl! ((bittersweet moment))

Sunday, June 20, 2010

First Father's Day

Happy First Father's Day to the most wonderful husband and now Daddy :)

We love you!! ♥

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Weekend Recap.

Awesome visit. Filled with: catching up, watching our daughters play together, craft time (for the mommies), and just hanging out :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

First Taste

Peyton had her first experiance with "solid" food tonight. She tried rice cereal and LOVED it!! So cute....

Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy Friday!!

We had Peyton's 4 month appt. this morning. Her doctor is very impressed with her :) She had one shot but took it like a champ! (Better than Mommy does with them, yuck) She's at the 34th %tile for weight (13 lbs. 12 oz.) and 92nd %tile for length (25 and3/4th in.)!! Long and skinny...again, not like her Mommy, lol. We get to introduce her to food!! Cereal first and then her doctor said slowly we can bring veggies and fruit. My baby's getting to be so big!

We've got an exciting weekend planned. My best friend, her hubby and little girl are coming to visit!!! :) YAY!

(this was the first/last time they came to visit...the girls were so small!!)

The men are going golfing and us ladies are going to play at the pool...sounds like F-U-N to me!

Happy Friday!!