Friday, March 8, 2013

Parker: 5 & 6 Months

Weight: 17.2 lbs. (50th %tile) (stats from your 6 mo. appt on 3/7/13)
Height: 28.5 inches (90th %tile)
Diapers: size 2's but due to the several leaks you've been having I'm thinking we might have to move to 3's (say whaaaa??!)
Clothes: 6-12 mo. & 9 mo.

5 Month Highlights/Milestones:

-Started getting interested in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
-Started rolling around everywhere!
-Teething like mad but the bottom two teeth STILL won't come out!
-You love for us to take our finger to your lips and "blerble" them. Then you learned to do it yourself with your's so cute!
-The Gummy Bear Song captivates you (just like it did Peyton, lol). It has helped when you have meltdowns in the car
-You reach for me when you want me to hold you
-You've blown some raspberries but don't do it much
-Babble: "Ra-ra-ra" "Na-na-na" "Ah-da" "Ma"
-Tried baby oatmeal for the first time and hated it
-Went to Disney- first time outside my belly; Did SO GOOD! (post on that later)
-Met Mickey for the first time
-Your new hair growing in is coming in blonde
-I sat you in your frog activity seat and you really liked being in the "stand up" position. You learned how the seat can turn around so you do that to follow me around the room ;)

6 Month Highlights/Milestones:

-Tried peas and sweet potatoes. Really didn't like the peas and you tolerated the sweet potatoes
-Separation anxiety has kicked in full force :/ You just want your Momma ALLTHETIME (while this can be tiring, I secretly love it ;))
-You are a master roller. You are seriously EVERYWHERE! And SO!FAST! and must get to ALL!THE!THINGS!
-I gave you your first "hair cut" (had a little bit of a mullet going on at the bottom of the back of your head)
-Babble "dadada" alot (even though you don't know what you're saying yet). Still no "mama" even though at one time it seemed you called out "mamama" when you were upset and really wanted me.
-This month you've really liked being put on the floor with lots of toys so that you can roll/squirm to each one. Forget the bouncy seat.
-You like to sit up (between my legs to help you stay up ;)) and play with things; if I sit you in the tripod position, you'll stay that way for a few minutes before you fall over

Sleeping has been the same for the past two months. You go down anywhere between 10-11 and sleep until about 2/3, wake to eat then goes back to sleep and will sleeps for another 2-4 hours, eat and then is usually up for the morning by 8:30. I don't think we're near sleeping through the night yet (unfortunately) because you still like to eat alot during the night (ugh!). But at least you go right back to sleep (and once you wake, I just keep you in bed with me ;) I can't help it, it's easier!) Still in the pack in play in our room. My goal this month is to start the transition to his room. I think this tends to be harder on me than the babies! I take such comfort in having them in my room. Alas, maybe it will help to get him to sleep through the night! We shall see.

Ohhh my Parky boy, I did not know I would love having a little boy squish SO much! You are the sweetest little thing and I am so grateful that God gave you to us :) Keep growing...but not too fast! ;)