Saturday, June 23, 2012

Preggo Woes

I never seriously complain about pregnancy because frankly, I've been blessed with pretty low-key, non-eventful ones. Some aches and pains, yeah. I mean you're carrying a living, growing being so it's not going to be all butterflies and rainbows.

[Children are a blessing from the Lord and so is the ability to carry one/them. But no one is perfect and for my pregnancy comparisons I want to jot down a little of what I'm feeling right now]

Currently: I am 31 weeks today.

*My hips have been hurting SO BAD! It started a lot earlier this time around (not surprising) and eve Austin noticed that. I don't even have to do a lot of bending/crouching/walking for them to hurt. (Parker better not be a hips don't need to spread any more....)

*Ligament pain has been a lot more noticeable this time. At least from what I can remember. I've woken in the middle of the night a few times because I turned the wrong way or turned too quickly and got some sharp pains that made he have to sit up in bed for a few minutes. Ouch =/

*Rib pain!! I don't remember ever having this problem with Peyton. Maybe because she tended to stay cuddled up in there. Parker however, feels like he's trying to bust out of my ribs! And a few times it's felt like he's moved one out of place or something because my side would have a painful pulling/pinching sensation that would make it impossible to sleep or barely move during the day. Little boy must like to stretch.

*Sleep. Totally horrible. And I can't even blame it on my growing belly. Not being able to sleep well started almost from the very beginning. I toss and turn almost every night. I'll be really prepared for a waking newborn.

*One positive: I've had no leg cramps! I had them ALL.THE.TIME with Peyton.

All of these are normal, they are just more prominent this time around for sure. And while they aren't enjoyable in the least, they are tolerable. I just felt like complaining ;)

Less than NINE weeks until we meet Mr. Parker!!!!! 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Parker's Room

We've taken a little more time with getting Parker's room together this go around. It took FOREVER for me to find and decide on bedding for him. I couldn't find ONE set that I was crazy about. Not to mention, I wanted Austin to like and have a say so on it too...since it's a boy this time ;) Then came deciding on what crib/room furniture to choose. Ugh. I think it's safe to say that every aspect of having a boy has been difficult for me, ha. But, we finally made decisions and got the ball rolling! Last weekend Austin put together the crib, dresser, and night stand and I started putting some of the bedding on =) It's crazy to see another crib, ready for a baby! The big task will be getting all of our office furniture out and into our bedroom =/

Here's a peek at our progress so far....

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bumpdate: 28 Weeks

*I just realized it's been 8 weeks since I've done an update. Woops. I guess time got away from me! Here are a few bump pics to catch me up...
**I also haven't taken my "28" photo. But theres really no difference :)

How Far Along: 28 weeks 4 days- THIRD TRIMESTER!!! Woohoo!!

Weight: +13 lbs. 

Maternity Clothes: Yup. I do have some "normal" tops and dresses that work. Also, my fav clothing of choice is a maxi dress. LOVE comfy and perfect for the lovely Florida heat. 

Stretch Marks: No new ones. 

Sleep: Eh, if it's not one thing it's another. Turning from one side to another is starting to get uncomfortable which in turn, causes me to wake a little more. 

Movement: A whole bunch! He moves the most first thing in the morning and late at night. I guess because those are the only times I'm truly still ;)

Food/Cravings: Let me see...I find I really want fruity things. I've eaten so many strawberries I should be one. I've been wanting/eating the little peaches in a cup too. When out and about, salads are my craving. In a weird way it seems as if food pickiness has come back. Sometimes it takes me forever to think of what sounds good. 

Labor Signs: Nada

Belly Button: Pretty much flat

What I miss: Sleeping NORMALLY, and not peeing all dadgum day. Kind of missing normal people clothes still. (Even though I do love my new maternity things from this go 'round) Newly added, not having my hips feel as if they are ripping apart and all of the lovely aches and pains that have showed up much earlier this time =/ 

Best Moment This Week: Austin put Parker's dresser, nightstand, and crib together! And I put some of his bedding on :) We still have to move all of the office furniture/items out, but seeing a new crib is making it all sink in!! (I'm so ready even though we still have, oh, 11 weeks left ;))

Worst Moment This Week: I had taken my 1 hour Glucose test a little over a week ago and failed so this past Monday I had to take the 3 hour. It was the WORST. I was poked in both arms with no success so they moved on to my hands where I pretty much had to be poked more than once each hour to get blood. Horrid. I should be hearing whether I passed or not any day now. I better pass. 

Weekly Wisdom: There is nothing you can do to help you pass the glucose test. A few days of changed eating does no difference. Just an FYI/reminder to myself if I decide to have another...