Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Hello all!!

I'm making this update a quick one.

Our first shower in Jacksonville was AWESOME!! It's soo great to have such an amazing family that makes us feel so loved! Peyton make out like a bandit...her clothes collection is growing! lol. I can't expect anything different for my little girl, she will take after her mommy, who has a closet full ;) We had a GREAT time!!

My tellers at my branch threw me a suprise shower. Last Friday, I met up with who I thought was only going to be my tellers and it turned out that several other ladies from some of our other branches were there too!!! It was so great, my girls were able to keep it a secret and I had no idea!! I love those girls!!! :)

I had a doctors appt today. I have gained 14 lbs so far...my doctor seems pleased with that number, so I am too. The real challenge will be from this point on!! I found out that I just barely failed my first glucose test. My doctor went over my result number and it was just over the passing mark...drat! Good news is, even though I have to take the 3 hr test, my doctor said that she's almost 100% positve that I'll pass this next one. Yay :) Everything else looked great and we got to hear Peyton's heartbeat and it was nice and strong! I made an appt to get some 4D ultrasounds next Saturday!!! I'm so excited to see who/what our little one looks like!!! :)

We're headed to Orlando tomorrow after work for Thanksgiving, then are spending the rest of the weekend in Jacksonville. Gotta travel while I still can! lol.

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

We're baaaccckkkk!!

Welp, we survived an 11 hour drive back home yesterday :/...we won't be doing that again any time soon, that's all I'm sayin'.

We did had a great time in the mountains though! It wasn't cold like we thought it might be but the weather was gorgeous nontheless. So I was happy, no hot weather :). Austin and I both agreed that we got Gatlinburg out of our systems for quite some time. Neither of us remember it being so touristy and tacky. Maybe that's because we were both young and tons of tee shirt shops and mini golf places were intriging at that time? lol. We did do Ripley's. I know know, that is pretty tacky, AND I've gone through that one before, but what can I say, I still find it fun! ;) It was nice to get away from everyday life and work and just enjoy sleeping in and doing whatever we wanted, just us two. This was our last trip as a family of TWO...next time we'll have Peyton :).

All in all, great little getaway. I would definately suggest doing a "babymoon", you need to spend one last "hoorah" as just husband and wife because before too long, it won't be about just the two of you anymore!

In other news, my doctor called me on our last day away to inform me that I did NOT pass my one hour glucose test and that, yes, I now have to take the THREE hour test. Not.happy. I was so upset! I HATE needles (as I have made sure to inform you, lol) and this time I get to be stabbed five times, count 'em, FIVE times in three hours. NOT.HAPPY. So, I pouted about it for the rest of that afternoon, and maybe a little the next morning, lol, and then decided that whatever the outcome, I'll be fine. God is in control and there's nothing else I can do but trust in Him. I would covet your prayers that this next go around I pass with flying colors, as I do not want to have to worry with all the complications and details that go along with having gestational diabetes. And also that the whole gettingmyblooddrawnthing goes as pleasantly as possible. I don't have the appt scheduled yet but praying ahead of time is always good :)

Our first shower is this Saturday, in Jacksonville. Austin's side of the family is throwing it for us and I'm really excited! We have something scheduled every weekend this month! If that's not going to make time fly by even faster, I don't know what is! I go back to work tomorrow, and it's such a lovely thought to know that I only have TWO days of work this week and then I'm off again for the weekend...ahhhh vacations.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Veteran's Day off! (if you had the day off)

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Just a quick update...
My birthday weekend was by far, the BEST I've had so far! :) Austin and I had a great time spending time with our families, putting Peyton's room together, and ofcourse celebrating the Gator's win over Georgia ;). Her room looks GREAT and it's (still) not even completely done! I just LOVE how it's turning out!

Today, Austin and I started out on our "Babymoon". We're taking a mini vacation (from now until Tuesday) to Gatlinburg :). We both wanted to go somewhere that "felt" and "looked" like fall and we love the mountains, so we thought Gatlinburg was perfect! I had to work this morning so we stopped outside of Atlanta for the night, but first thing in the AM we are finishing the drive! It's already chilly here in ATL, so I'm really looking forward to this weather the rest of the trip!! :)

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend! As soon as I get home I'll post pictures from my birthday and from our trip!!!