Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Favs (just a few)

1. The second half of the year. A few Several reasons: It brings birthdays (mine in particular ;)), our anniversary (5 years this year!!), my two favorite holidays, and of course, nicer WEATHER!

2. The sound of P sucking on her paci. It's so cute. (I don't know who it will be harder on when we take it away, I think I'm just as attached to it as her...weird?)

3. Witty/sarcastic humor. Some Most blogs I read have this in common. Why can't I know more people like this in real life?? ha. My fav tv shows have this in common as well. Can't get enough, people! 

4. Pinterest. (Follow me!) My brain is at a creative overload, seriously. I have so many things I want to do/try, I have done/tried pretty much nothing because I don't know where to start. Sad, I know.  Darn you Pinterest!! ((shakes my fist)) but you know I still love you...

5. Thrifting. No secret there. It really is an addiction. So far the best place to find things (for me) has been Goodwill. Never lets me down :) Salvation Army on the other hand, notsomuch.

6. Jewel-toned nail polish! Just bought a few new shades and can't wait to wear them!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Baby girl's first, very own Starbucks: Vanilla milk with whip and chocolate drizzle ;)

Sheesh, she's so grown-up =/

Monday, September 19, 2011

Food Trucks

A little while ago, Austin had to go out of town, so Peyton and I went and spent some time visiting my family in Orlando. My sister and her new hubby live in an awesome area of town and had recently discovered that every Tuesday night, food trucks come to the park that's right next to their apartments. Well, I just had to check them out while I was there. And it was the coolest thing ever!! Pick which truck you want for dinner and then pick a truck for dessert. Um, can we say AWESOME!? I got a french onion grilled cheese and for dessert we all got Yum-Yum cupcakes (I got the s'more one, and it was DELISH). So fun! I wish they had something like this here where I live!!

 < Where we got our cupcakes

 < Josh enjoying his huge hotdog

< My yummy grilled cheese

 < Sarah and Brodie waiting for food

 < Eating by Lake Lilly

 < Mimi and P (Peyton didn't like not being able to run freely..ha)

 < The girls :)

 < My s'more cupcake (phone pic doesn't do it justice)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fall, yes please!

Just a few things I'm looking forward to with the upcoming season:

Friday, September 2, 2011

Randoms & Thrifting

I have lost Austin to the woods until Sunday (he and his bro are hiking through the time). So it's just been P and I. We never do anything out of the ordinary when he's out of town, we usually end up hanging with my inlaws a bit more :)

\ It is SEPTEMBER!!! What in the world?! If time keeps flying like this, I may have to be admitted for a mental breakdown. Sometimes I really feel like I literally blink and it's time to go to bed already. What is up with that?? I am looking forward to a break in the heat though. 100+ degrees is ridiculous. I want to move to San Francisco...the temp is a constant high 50's-mid 70's. Yes PLEASE!! Extreme heat is pointless really.

\ August starts a fairly busy time for us. It starts a string of birthday's for my family. All of my sister's and I's are August-October, bro in law's in November and my Dad's in December. Throw in two major holidays and, man it's a present buying frenzy. We hemorrhage money like crazy, lol. Also, since we have holidays, that means traveling. Enter time flying even faster. I like having things to do and places to go though, I just wish the days were longer!

\ Thrifting. I LOVE it. I have always loved plundering (is that a word? If it wasn't, it is now). I have always loved finding a good deal. I can remember going to garage sales with my mom when I was younger and trying to find/get as many cool items as I could with my allowance. I like the challenge of stretching my money (except if it's for bills, yuck). Before, if you would mention shopping at a Goodwill or thrift store, people (or you) would instantly think "Oh, that's so sad. They have no money" or "Ew, gross". I guess the "eww" part can still apply, these places aren't Nordstrom's. Ha. Old is the new "new". It's fun to find cool "vintage" items or to take something with potential, give it a little makeover and admire your work. Needless to say, I have rekindled my love for rummaging to find cool things. You have to have alot of time and patience though. Most of the time, you really have to dig to find the good things. Yesterday I had the time. And I made out like a bandit!!

A few of my favorite finds lately

It's a serious addiction. And to make things worse (in a good way?), it seems there's a new thrift store popping up every where around here recently!!