Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Parker: ONE YEAR!

Weight: 21 lbs (50%tile)
Height: 31 1/4 in. (90%tile)
Clothes: 12/12-18 mo.
Diapers: sz 4

What You've Been Up To This Month

-You've been standing w/o holding onto anything more and more but I can NOT get you to try to take a step. You just collapse. But I'm not pushing you, because let's face it, I'm in no hurry for you to grow up ;) (****UPDATE- Finally took a few steps a few days after your birthday party, but still not taking steps all the time)

-You have a total of 5 teeth. 3 on top (almost 4) and two on bottom.

-You finally learned to shake your head "no" and love to do it all the time

-You've pretty much banished all baby food. You refuse even the flavors you used to love. I don't blame you though, "big food" is much tastier. And on that note, you pretty much love everything. I hope this continues forever because it's great!! Unlike your sister who eats hardly anything :/

-You started pitching little fits when you don't get what you want/aren't happy about something. You will lay on the ground and bury your face and fuss. It's actually really cute because you don't even scream or get really irate.

-Words you can say are:

"Ay" (Hey)
"uh oh"
"ah duh" (all done)
"nigh-nigh" (night night)
"whas da?!" (what's that)

-You had for first cup of whole milk a few days before your birthday. You neither love it or hate it.

-Still nursing about 4 times a day

-You're getting pretty good at listening, if I say "NO", most of the time you will stop the first time I say it. I hope this continues as well ;)

You Love

-Still love to "read" books
-To push anything and everything. If it can be moved, you will move it.
-To throw balls and watch them bounce
-To be up in anyone's business
-To eat
-Our fish. We just got new fish and all you wanted to do that first day was have one of us hold you so you could "Ooooo" at the fishies.
-To color. You know how writing utensils work. You will scribble on the Magna Doodle and will scribble with a crayon. You will also EAT said crayon if I'm not watching you closely ;)

You Hate

-Sleep (Ughhhh)
-To be told no (who doesn't?? ha)

We made it to a year! I can't believe how quickly you've grown. We love you SO much!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

11 Months!!!

We absolutely canNOT be a month away from my BABY turning ONE??!!? I think I literally blinked just a few times!! Ahhhhhh...anyways, this is what you've been up to this month:

Weight: 20 lbs
Height: Not sure...
Diapers: size 3 but probably moving to size soak through them at night too often :/
Clothing: 12 mo./12-18 mo.

You Love:

-Knocking down anything and everything. You think it's your job. 
-Following your sister everywhere. 
-Food. You'll eat baby food but LOVE "big people" food. You will spit something out if you don't like it though. Thankfully, there's more food you like than not. 
-Goldfish. You prefer them over your puffs.
-To say "AY!!"(Hey) to everyone that walks into a room or passes by you. 
-"Reading" books. Any time you aren't following your sister, I can pretty much find you with a book in your lap
-Looking out any window you can find
-Your Momma :) 
-To talk. You just babble all day long. Only when you are at home or in familiar places though. Otherwise, you're very quiet and just observe your surroundings.
-Bathtime. As soon as you hear water running, you crawl like lightening to the bathroom, haha. 

Things You Say:

-"AY!" (Hey)
-"Ah da" (All done)
-"Ah dat" (What's that)

You Hate:

- Sleeping. UGH.
-Getting your diaper changed (I think it's more because you have to sit still for a whole TWO MINUTES. 
-Riding in the car. Eh, this is really a toss up. But I think you dislike it more than you tolerate it. Maybe once you face forward this will change?? I can only hope. 
-Teething. You and me both kiddo. It's been an good three months of misery. You tug at your ears CONSTANTLY (which has resulted in two dr visits just to make sure there was no ear infection. And both times your ears "looked perfect") And with that, sleep has been sparse. Only recently have we had about a week of you sleeping until 4/5 before waking up for the first time....Instead of your, oh, every TWO hours. It can't last forever can it?!? With that, you have 4 teeth total so far. Two top, two bottom. 
****And just for my memory's sake: You are still in the pack n play in our room ::whomp,whomp:: I can't believe I've let this be, but you know what, whatever helps me get the most sleep!!! 


Your little personality is really coming out now. You are just so cute :) You are always on the go. Getting into everything, exploring every inch of the house. You never attached to any toy or "lovie". No blanket, paci, or toy ever stuck with you. Which is ok but I feel like if you had one of those that it would help in the sleep area (wishful thinking??). You are so sweet. Always giving kisses and hugs. This month was uneventful. We didn't do anything exciting. Peyton went to VBS for the first time so you and I had some quality one-on-one time together every morning that week :) You pull up on everything and push anything that will move. You will walk with your grocery cart and walker toy but you won't try to walk if I help you. You don't seem to have the desire to walk on your own yet....and I can't say I mind ;) The longer you depend on me, the longer you can be my baby :) 

Party planning is underway and I'm very excited to see my vision come to life ;) I can't believe I have only one more month to call you my "baby" and then you will be a "toddler"!!!

We love you so much little boy!!! 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013



::Whew:: If I had to sum this past month with one word, it would be TEETHING. Ughhhhhh. Oh those nasty little boogers (top teeth). They have no mercy on my child. 


Top right tooth busted through 6/27/13. The other is not far behind. 

You wave to anyone and everyone. Even your reflection. lol. When you first started to wave, you were a little reserved about it. Not anymore! You even say "Ayyyy!", which is your version of "Hey" ;)

You are still SUPER active: Constantly pulling up on everything...crawling under here, over there. Pulling this down, putting that into your mouth. You give me a workout! 

You continue to love your sister to pieces. While she finds it annoying right now, it's adorable.

Food. You LOVE "people food". If you're being fed baby food and you see someone eating something else, want what they're eating. You're starting to get picky about certain things. You definitely spit anything out that you do not like....oh boy.

You helped ring in your Daddy's First Father's Day as a Dad of two :)

It's been a pretty lazy month as far as activities. You, me, and Peyton spent a few days in Orlando with Mimi and Bia. You had a great time splashing in the pool. You LOVE your Bia. You two have a special relationship and it's really sweet to see. 


Ugh. I have just surrendered to the fact that I will be getting little sleep until your teeth leave you alone. You wake up SOMANYTIMES! Even though I'm a little ashamed to admit, you are still in the pack n play in our room because of that. I tried to transition you to your crib and it was NOT happening.

CANNOT believe we'll be celebrating your first YEAR in less than two months! We love you so much Parkyboy, don't grow too fast!! 

Parker: 8 & 9 Months

WOW, I reeeeeaaaaalllllly fell off the wagon with these updates. It's SO hard to keep up with them, so much changes SO fast!!

8 Months:

Your bottom two teeth finally came in!
*Bottom right 3/30/13 and bottom left 4/13/13

You finally warmed up to (baby) food.

You are on the go ALL THE TIME. You rarely sit still EVER.

You give kisses!!! 4/17/13 I LOVE when this starts! This will always be one of my favorite milestones.

Your favorite song for me to sing to you is "Jesus Loves Me". If you are upset or even if you are busy doing something, if I start to sing it, you stop, smile really big, and listen :) So sweet!

Sleeping is still not happening. You apparently are the type that don't need much sleep :/ Yay for Mommy.

9 Months:

Weight- 19.5 lbs. (50%tile)
Height- 29.5 in.  (90%tile) You've stayed consistantly "tall" for your age.

-You waved for the first time on 5/10/13

-You pulled up for the first time on 5/16/13

-We went to Disney for the third time on 5/24/13 (last time on our 3 day passes) You've done so well every time we went! 

-You love to share. Whether it's a toy or food you're always willing to hand something over.

-You give high fives

-5/27-31 We had our first "family vacation" to the beach in Destin. It was your first time at the beach ever! You really enjoyed it. The sound of the waves must have been relaxing to you because you fell asleep not long after we would get out there. You were ok with the sand, but didn't care to touch it much and never even tried to eat it!

Now that you can pull up on things, that's all you want to do. You aren't very steady though so you've had your share of spills :/ I definitely cannot go far from you unless I put you in the pack n play. The way you're going, I wouldn't be surprised if you're walking before your birthday. (Waaaa!!! Secretly I hope you aren't!)

You want to be apart of whatever Peyton is doing and it's so cute, even though she would beg to differ.  I get a glimpse of the future every time I hear "Mooooooooom, Parker's messin' with my stuff!!! Come get him!!!!" 

You're great with food, even continue to open your mouth and eat each bite. A month or so ago, you started "growling" if someone eats in front of you and doesn't share. It's pretty hilarious. So you end up getting some as long as you are allowed to have it :)

Sleeping  is about the same (ha). We had a few days in a row here and there where you'd sleep for a solid 6 hours (from about 9:30/10-3/3:30) but other than that you still wake up at least twice. I'm thinking once I stop you of night nursings this will stop. But I'm ok with it for just means extra cuddle time for us :)

I can't believe we're less than 3 months away from your FIRST birthday!! It's such a bittersweet time. You're learning new things all the time and while that's fun to see, it also means you're less and less my "baby". LOVE YOU PARKY BOY!!!!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Parker: 7 Months


March 7- crawled!! (a combo of an army crawl and shimmy) (so at a little less than 6 1/2 months old)

March 19- Clapped for the first time! I was very impressed bc I had only been working with you on it for maybe two days; You also tried CFA's waffle fries and LOVED them!
|-> other "real" foods you've tried are: sweet potato fries, apples, and fruit snacks

Continue to not really like any baby food...but we continue on

You're sitting up now. But you don't like having to sit still so you end up making yourself fall over and crawl to where you want to go.

March 22- You went to Hollywood Studios for the first time. You did great once again! If there's a lot to distract you, you're great for hours!

March 23- Said "Mama" intentionally for the first time! Made my heart happy :)

Sleeping- Sigh. It has been HORRIBLE. You remain in the pack in play in our room because you still wake so many times at night. I would try to let you "cry it out" some, but I don't want you to wake Peyton you benefit from that my little friend. You still want to nurse when you wake too, not like you really need it but you eat anyway ;) I'm hoping your teeth are the reason for this sleeplessness but a tooth has YET to come in! STILL!

We're getting to the point where you're starting to do SO many things ALLATONCE! and I feel like I can't keep up with it all! You continue to be a pretty laid back baby and for that I am SO THANKFUL! As long as I'm in your sight, you're good to go :)

Friday, March 8, 2013

Parker: 5 & 6 Months

Weight: 17.2 lbs. (50th %tile) (stats from your 6 mo. appt on 3/7/13)
Height: 28.5 inches (90th %tile)
Diapers: size 2's but due to the several leaks you've been having I'm thinking we might have to move to 3's (say whaaaa??!)
Clothes: 6-12 mo. & 9 mo.

5 Month Highlights/Milestones:

-Started getting interested in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
-Started rolling around everywhere!
-Teething like mad but the bottom two teeth STILL won't come out!
-You love for us to take our finger to your lips and "blerble" them. Then you learned to do it yourself with your's so cute!
-The Gummy Bear Song captivates you (just like it did Peyton, lol). It has helped when you have meltdowns in the car
-You reach for me when you want me to hold you
-You've blown some raspberries but don't do it much
-Babble: "Ra-ra-ra" "Na-na-na" "Ah-da" "Ma"
-Tried baby oatmeal for the first time and hated it
-Went to Disney- first time outside my belly; Did SO GOOD! (post on that later)
-Met Mickey for the first time
-Your new hair growing in is coming in blonde
-I sat you in your frog activity seat and you really liked being in the "stand up" position. You learned how the seat can turn around so you do that to follow me around the room ;)

6 Month Highlights/Milestones:

-Tried peas and sweet potatoes. Really didn't like the peas and you tolerated the sweet potatoes
-Separation anxiety has kicked in full force :/ You just want your Momma ALLTHETIME (while this can be tiring, I secretly love it ;))
-You are a master roller. You are seriously EVERYWHERE! And SO!FAST! and must get to ALL!THE!THINGS!
-I gave you your first "hair cut" (had a little bit of a mullet going on at the bottom of the back of your head)
-Babble "dadada" alot (even though you don't know what you're saying yet). Still no "mama" even though at one time it seemed you called out "mamama" when you were upset and really wanted me.
-This month you've really liked being put on the floor with lots of toys so that you can roll/squirm to each one. Forget the bouncy seat.
-You like to sit up (between my legs to help you stay up ;)) and play with things; if I sit you in the tripod position, you'll stay that way for a few minutes before you fall over

Sleeping has been the same for the past two months. You go down anywhere between 10-11 and sleep until about 2/3, wake to eat then goes back to sleep and will sleeps for another 2-4 hours, eat and then is usually up for the morning by 8:30. I don't think we're near sleeping through the night yet (unfortunately) because you still like to eat alot during the night (ugh!). But at least you go right back to sleep (and once you wake, I just keep you in bed with me ;) I can't help it, it's easier!) Still in the pack in play in our room. My goal this month is to start the transition to his room. I think this tends to be harder on me than the babies! I take such comfort in having them in my room. Alas, maybe it will help to get him to sleep through the night! We shall see.

Ohhh my Parky boy, I did not know I would love having a little boy squish SO much! You are the sweetest little thing and I am so grateful that God gave you to us :) Keep growing...but not too fast! ;)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

This is my 10th Vday with with A :) Man how time flies!! Now I have TWO MORE Valentines as well <3 nbsp="" p="">
Whether you have a significant other or not, I hope you are shown extra love today!!