Wednesday, May 20, 2009

And the winner is....

Who else???? :) YAY!

(p.s. I borrowed your pic was too good to pass up! ;))


just a few pics from my mom's triathlon at Disney, Mother's Day

The Fans :)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

One Word:


That is the perfect word to describe Austin and I's life lately in general.

Austin's brother graduated from FSU last weekend, so this weekend we have his graduation party, in Jacksonville. Congrats John!! :)

A year ago this weekend, my mom and some of her friends decided that they wanted to do a mini triathalon at Disney. So, for the past year, my mom and her friends have been hard core training for this weekend's events!! We are all SOOOO proud of her!! (I take after my mom, in that I HATE anything to do with any type excerise or anything that makes you sweat, lol, so this is a HUGE deal! :))

We left for Jax last night, John's bbq is this evening, we leave for Orlando TONIGHT, and then up early Sunday morning to head to Disney's Wilderness Lodge for my Mom's tri!! Within two days we will be in TWO different cities...::whew!!::

It's all worth it though :)

...Lots of fun pictures to come!!!! Happy Weekend.