Monday, December 6, 2010

Ten Months

My baby is growing up!!!! Sniff.

She is such a character now-a-days! She has given us a peek into her little (or not so little) attitude that I know will be quite a challenge to deal with, ha. We've been so busy with the move and everything else, I have fallen a little behind on this post, but I refuse to let one get by me!! This is not going to be as neat and organized as the others but I still wanted to be able to look back and remember everything Peyton is was doing at this point! Here goes...

Weight- if I had to guess somewhere around 18 lbs.
Height- " " " somewhere past 28 in.
Diapers- still in 3's (skinny waisted girl! I'm jealous...)

Right now you.....

-open and close your hand wave
-point to everything
-say "whoa!" and "ohhhh!"to anything you think is cool...and it is SO cute!!
-LOVE Cody! It has gotten to that point. Poor dog, his days are spent constantly running away from you. You laugh so hard when he runs around or barks at you.
-are still pulling yourself up and standing with EVERYTHING. You scoot around objects while still holding onto something. You will let go and stand on your own for several minutes at a time, but are still too afraid to take a step. I know it won't be much longer before you do!!
-will lift your leg and try to climb on to things, but aren't quite there yet.
-LOVE chicken nuggets, of any kind.
-can shake your head "no" and nod your head "yes". Sometimes they are done at the appropriate times and sometimes not. lol. We're working on that ;)
-have shifted off loving your blankie so much and have really taken to your stuffed Mickey
-like to drag toys around with you when you crawl
-can point to noses and mouths when I ask, but again, only when you want to
-still love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse but also like Handy Manny and Special Agent Oso
-had your first Thanksgiving! You ate turkey, ham, peas, mashed potatoes, lima beans, and sweet potatoes (all split between Grammy's and great grandma's house, of course)
-watched as we put up your first Christmas tree! And you only wanted to touch an ornament twice! After that, you could care less about the tree!
-had your first bath in the sink (at Grammy and Papa's)
-have been going to Storytime at Pottery Barn Kids with Aunt Jenn and Halle. You enjoy it, we sing lots of songs and listen to stories
-your two top teeth are finally in. They are adorable! 4 total. (two top, two bottom) The tooth beside your top teeth are working their way through next
-I guess I need to add that you are now living in your second home now and have adjusted really quickly and really well :)

I seriously feel as if I cannot keep up with how many things change and how much she starts/learns to do lately. I swear a billion things can happen in one day now! She really does get cuter and cuter by the day and is so smart! In TWO short months we'll be celebrating her FIRST birthday!!! The holidays have helped/will help to speed that up quite a bit, grrr.

Let the party planning begin......


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