Friday, July 29, 2011

18 months!!!

I seriously have a 11/2 year old!! Holy cow!

Weighs: 22 lbs (30th %tile)
Length: 32 in. (70th tile)

these are things that have happened/developed over the past two months or so:

*she can shake her finger at you
*started saying:
bubbles- "bubbies"
love you- "of ewe"
says "c'mon" when she wants you to take her somewhere
can say one and hold up one finger
consistantly says please ("pees") and thank you ("ank you")
*hashbrown, a McD's favorite- "habown"

...At this point, she can pretty much attempt to say anything we ask her to....which never ceases to entertain/amaze me!

*food staples -
chicken nuggets
mac and cheese

*is such a drama queen (not much of a surprise there)
*Continues to loves water....esp. the pool. Beach, not so much, only because she HATES getting sand on her feet. She refuses to walk in the sand because of it, ha.
*she pee-peed on the potty (not on purpose though). We were practicing sitting on the potty and she actually did it! We aren't potty training yet though. Not quite there.
*Likes to sing Old McDonald- Will sing the E-I-E-I-O part :)
*Loves her kids songs cds
*If she wants you to pick her up (which seems rare these days...) will say "Up me"
*She has learned the letter "P"
*We're working on counting, just 1-2-3. As of now everything is "freee" (three). Must be her favorite number at the moment.
*Also working on the colors red, blue, green. Same as with her numbers, she picks one color and everything is that color....Everything is "reeen" (green)

*Peyton knows she can work the grandparents. She puts on such a show. She's too smart.

*Was a Flower Girl in my sister Sarah's wedding (July 9th) and had her second "vacation" at the beach. Her and I stayed a few days after the wedding with my family at the hotel.

*She saw her first set of fireworks this 4th of July...and loved them

While sometimes it can be alot to handle, this age is so much fun. Even though she still doesn't know how to form sentences, Peyton can communicate with us now and that alone makes things alot easier. I don't look forward to potty training....but I'm sure that will start soon ::gulp:: Pray for me, ha.


Erin said...

I'm jealous she's saying "love you" already! Collin JUST started it within the last couple weeks and I have to ask him to say it! Little stinker.

Michelle said...

I about fell over when she first said it back to me! lol. I still have to say it first though :)