Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Must-Sees

Every December, I can't wait to break out a few favorite movies. Really, they're considered staples in this household ;)

Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Elf- Need I say more? My husband really doesn't care for Will Farrell (what?! you say, I know, it's a shame) but he's made to watch it at least ONCE. Peyton and I might enjoy watching it another 80 times...

2. A Christmas Story- I know this poor movie gets played nonstop Christmas day, but you still can't deny that it's pretty much part of everyone's Christmas day, whether you like it or not

3. Muppet Christmas Carol- This is more my husband's favorite. I'm not much of a muppet fan, but I make him watch Elf so I guess I'll return the favor ;)

4. The Christmas Classics- Oldies but seriously the goodies. I can remember watching these when I was little and plan on watching them until I can't remember. I introduced Peyton to these this year. She wasn't quite on board (I don't think they are as colorful as Mickey)...but she will be, don't you worry!

5. A Charlie Brown Christmas- Everyone loves the poor, gloomy, Charlie Brown. Not to mention this movie talks about the REAL reason for Christmas!

Welp, there are some of the best. If any of these are not on your list, I think you need to add them pronto!      

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