Saturday, June 9, 2012

Parker's Room

We've taken a little more time with getting Parker's room together this go around. It took FOREVER for me to find and decide on bedding for him. I couldn't find ONE set that I was crazy about. Not to mention, I wanted Austin to like and have a say so on it too...since it's a boy this time ;) Then came deciding on what crib/room furniture to choose. Ugh. I think it's safe to say that every aspect of having a boy has been difficult for me, ha. But, we finally made decisions and got the ball rolling! Last weekend Austin put together the crib, dresser, and night stand and I started putting some of the bedding on =) It's crazy to see another crib, ready for a baby! The big task will be getting all of our office furniture out and into our bedroom =/

Here's a peek at our progress so far....

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Erin said...

I like it! It's "manly" for Austin (and Parker of course) but also still cute and modern for Mama ;)