Friday, October 26, 2012

Parker: Two Months

Weight: 13lbs. 7.5oz.- 80th %tile
Length: 25 inches- 99th %tile!
Clothing: 3-6 mo. and some 6 mo.
Diapers: size 1 (I have tried 2s and they seemed to fit...but I'm not ready for you to move into another size already!)

First things first, you are just so darn cute. (And no, I'm not bias, just stating the facts ;)) There is no denying, you are quite the charmer!

You and Peyton already have such a sweet relationship. You LOVE her and it's so apparent to me. If you hear her, your eyes go searching for her and when you find her, you smile so big. You also love to "talk" to her already. It's amazing to me how I can tell a difference in how you act with me and how you act towards your sister. I love that.

Jaundice update: Let me just say that this has been the most frustrating issue. After about 6 weeks, you were still yellow. So I called your dr and they had us come in to take a look at you and check your bili levels (again). After getting your bloodwork back, Dr. Connolly decided you had breast milk jaundice. Your body just loved my milk so much it wanted to keep it all in, including the biliruben. All that meant was that it was just going to take some time to get out of your system. We were nursing 8-12 times a day to help get you to pee/poop it out as much as possible ;) Thankfully, I think we are almost over it. You are still a tinge yellow but are definitely better than a month ago!

This month, your little personality really started to shine. You started smiling (on purpose) and cooing ALL THE TIME. I love this phase. I adore hearing what you have to say and seeing that look in your eyes as you try so hard to get out your little "words". You are also trying SO hard to laugh! Right now it's like two or three coo's, one right after another. It's so cute, I can't wait for it to click :) You hate tummy time and kind of just lay there. Your sister hated it too. You still haven't rolled over but if you get mad enough while on your tummy, you try so hard to flip over. You're a pro at holding your head up. You love the bouncy seat (with the vibration) and you love the swing. And not just a "swing" in general, it has to be a full sized baby swing. I know because I had a travel swing and you hated it and then I borrowed a friend's full sized, and you love it. Go figure. You still won't take a paci, of any kind. (I think I've purchased and tried every kind made) Even though I won't have to go through taking it away from you at some point, it would still be nice if you'd tolerate it, at least sometimes! You also continue to despise your carseat. If I can get you buckled in fast enough and get the car moving, you sometimes are ok. But the moment I hit a redlight or have to stop for more than a minute, you start screaming. The car was the one place that Peyton wouldn't scream. Once again, go figure. Still nursing like a champ (the second time around is so much easier!). You were from the get go and I am SO thankful for that! The drooling/spitting is in FULL FORCE! I've brought out the bibs and burp cloths. You soak anything your mouth touches. You've started gnawing/sucking on your hands, alot. Sometimes you try to cram both fists into your mouth at once. It's a pretty funny sight. 

Sleeping. I am very proud of myself this go around. We've got a pretty good routine going. You have a long nap from around 12/1-3/4 almost everyday (that's when I get things done around that house, ha). Then go down for bed around 10/11, sleep until 4:30/5:30, eat, then go back to sleep until 8/9. You're in your bassinet until you wake up to eat and then I keep you in bed with me ;) I'm not sure when I plan to move you to your room...but I'm in no hurry :)

Little boy, we love you so much! Don't grow too quickly!!

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