Saturday, December 13, 2008

Waaayyy behind

I know, I know. I can't believe I haven't posted anything since Thanksgiving...the sad thing is that I have nothing to blame it on other than pure laziness. Ha. Oh well.

Let's see...last weekend Austin and I went to Jacksonville for the weekend. I had a super fun time visiting with my Bestest, Jenn. Most of our friendship is spent communicating over emails and phone calls. Who thought 3 1/2 hours of distance would be such a pain?!? None-the-less, we are, what I would call, the true definition of best friends. We could go a month without talking and once we do talk or see each other, we pick up right where we left off. She is the emotional, tender-hearted friend, where I tend to be a little too, um, apathetic and laid back. We fill each other's gaps, lol. Anyhoo, we started at Starbucks, planned to get our toesies done first but catching up on our conversations took presidence!!, and shopped til our little hearts were content (or until we ran out of time before the Gator game ;)). **Note to self (and Jenn): PEDI's NEXT VISIT!!**And ofcourse, we had a nice time visiting with Austin's parents too :)

Cody's leg seems to be healing. He still has a cast but he is starting to put weight on it now and is very much back to his wild and crazy self. We take him in Monday for a cast change...the doctor told us last visit that he would most likely get a soft cast this time!! Yay, I hope it can come off by Christmas!!

That is pretty much the extent of our last few weeks. We've pretty much finished our Christmas shopping, minus a few things here and there. I have even wrapped everything, Points for me!

The next two weeks of work will, for the most part, be enjoyable. We have our branch Christmas party at Chili's Wednesday night and my B.O.R Meeting- "Christmas Edition" Thursday....yummy food! Then ofcourse, the next week is Christmas and I will only be working 2 days, because I have taken Cmas Eve and day after Cmas OFF, which means LOOONNNGGG enjoyable weekend! Ahhhhhhhhh :)

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