Monday, January 19, 2009

Double Date Weekend

My sister Sarah and her boyfriend Josh came to visit us on Sunday. We had such a good time! The boys went to a gun range to shoot skeet...and as tempting as that was to Sarah and I, we made the hard decision to go shopping and get pedicures instead. lol.

After the gun range and our pedi's, we met back up and headed to a local dock to watch the sunset. Ahhh, so romantic. :) It was pretty chilly though! Brr.

We ended the night with a VERY filling dinner at Cracker Barrell and then a little bowling. Austin blew us all away in the last game...with a 122. We couldn't touch that, even though we tried!
Great weekend with the youngsters! lol.
And now, I get to spend my MLK Day off with a darn cold, yuck!

Happy MKL Day! :/

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Jenn said...

Ya'll love that dock!