Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm here! I'm here!

I haven't written an entry in quite some time. I'm (we're) still be honest, nothing too eventful has happened, so I haven't felt compelled to "blog".

Work is the same, Cody is STILL trying our patience, and Austin's busy flying all over the country (or so it seems to me, lol). I have been going to the gym more consistently. I still don't "want" to go, but I make myself. ((sigh)) Maybe one day I'll like going ;)

Ooooo! I am excited for Austin and I's little get-away that's coming up!! Every year that we've been together, we've taken atleast one "big" trip a year (ex. Las Vegas & San Fran) but this year, or for right now I should say, we've decided to do something low-er key. I have an aunt that lives right outside of Atlanta and we're going to visit with her and play around in the city as well. We're going to do things like the Coca-Cola Factory and the aquarium, and not worry about "schedules". It'll be cold, so I'm looking forward to wearing my cute winter coat and scarves!! I've worn them maybe twice here in Tampa so far...SO sad. I sometimes wonder if I was really meant to live in Florida, because I just LOVE when it gets cold and despise the heat (that lasts FOREVER!). But yeah, I'm ready for a little get-away with my man :)

Speaking of, he should be here at any minute, so I'm gonna wrap this up..


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