Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy Friday!!

We had Peyton's 4 month appt. this morning. Her doctor is very impressed with her :) She had one shot but took it like a champ! (Better than Mommy does with them, yuck) She's at the 34th %tile for weight (13 lbs. 12 oz.) and 92nd %tile for length (25 and3/4th in.)!! Long and skinny...again, not like her Mommy, lol. We get to introduce her to food!! Cereal first and then her doctor said slowly we can bring veggies and fruit. My baby's getting to be so big!

We've got an exciting weekend planned. My best friend, her hubby and little girl are coming to visit!!! :) YAY!

(this was the first/last time they came to visit...the girls were so small!!)

The men are going golfing and us ladies are going to play at the pool...sounds like F-U-N to me!

Happy Friday!!

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