Friday, February 4, 2011

The Twelth Month

My sweet, funny, precious baby is a toddler....I don't know how I feel about that.

Not too much has changed from last month (as I may have been a week or two late posting it ;))

*12 mo. Stats:

-19 lbs. (24th %tile)

- 29 1/2 inches (60th %tile)

*Still in size 3 diapers, but as soon as we're done with the supply we have, we're moving up to 4s...starting to have leaks!

*Peyton IS walking. But doesn't do it too often, because crawling is faster :) But she's starting to take more and more steps at a time!

*I'm starting to find her in her own little world more and more. She finds a comfy corner and book, will sit there and "read" it over and over. (She even babbles like she's reading out loud, it is SO adorable)

*You love, love, love books. You always have, but it's really neat to see that love continue to grow as you get older and can enjoy them more.

*One of your favorite toys is a play radio you got for Christmas. You love to push the buttons and dance to each of the songs when they play.

*Is starting to throw fits. I'm definitely not loving this one. If I take something from her or tell her "no" if she is sitting down, she will flail her head between her legs and cry. Other times, she's layed flat on the floor and cried. Oh brother.

*She had her first "icecream cone". Like, where we let her hold it by herself and eat it. It's funny how you have to teach children how to pick up food and how to eat with utensils, but give them an icecream cone and they instantly know how those work, haha.

*I helped her discover her belly button. I can ask her where it is and she'll point at it.
^On that note, I've been working with showing her items, repeating the name a few times, and then asking her to point to the item and she can do it! So intelligent she is :)

*She added the word "stop" and "red" to her vocabulary.

*We've started her on whole milk. She's not too crazy about it, but what else is new!

*We're down to nursing about twice a day. Morning and night (sometimes in the middle of the night....)

*Her hair is really starting to grow! I can't wait until I can put a little piggy or pony tail in it :)

*You are really good at getting others (cough, grandparents, cough) to get/do things for you so that you don't have to get/do them yourself.

*You continue to be so expressive. It is so stinkin' cute! I think you come up with new faces at least, twice a day!

*EVERYONE, and I mean E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E. always stops us wherever we are to tell you and us how prettycuteadorablehappycheerful you are. And I must agree :)

*When you don't like a certain food set in front of you, you proceed to pick it up and drop it on the floor. (and this happens ALOT.....) What's the matter with just not eating it??

*When you give hugs you'll rub our arm or back. This seriously melts my ♥

*You like to point at everything.

*You still hate the church nursery. But I know it will get better.

*You're starting to get better at entertaining yourself. You don't have to be right by my side as much, all the time.

*Your current food pyramid consists of the following:
-chicken nuggets...oh my word, you could live off of these alone
-Gerber carrot wheels

-french fries (only when we go out to eat)
-baby food vegetables (this is the ONLY way she will eat vegetables!!)

(^A super healthy selection, I know. But hey, if that is all she will eat, that's what she gets!! Her picky-ness gives me anxiety, ugh....)

*Had your first birthday :) It was a great party with just your close family and friends. You didn't care at all for your cake. You let me put your finger in it but then wanted the frosting off right away. All you wanted was a carrot wheel instead ;)

---I thought her first year passed quickly. I don't want to know how much faster time will go now!! All I know is, I'm so thankful I get to be with her every day so that I can soak in every second!! :)

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