Saturday, March 19, 2011

The 411

I haven't blogged too much lately. And I have noticed that when I have it's mainly about my little Beauty. But who can blame me right!? I do try to keep a good variety of topics so that I do not bore the few of you that do follow my ramblings ;)

I promise to do better. That will require me to actually do something other than stay inside playing/cleaning/feeding Peyton, lol.

As for the past few weeks, we've just been hanging out, going to the park and enjoying the pretty weather. Nothing too exciting. Peyton did get her first good (not good in a "yay" way) booboo. She tripped while walking Cody [yes, she was walking him! It was SO cute :)] and scraped the right side of her face pretty good. It was not fun for her or me. It's healed really well though, so I'm thankful for that. Let's see, we had a playdate with Collin and I didn't bring my camera! Bad mommy! ::slapping my own hand:: We've had a playdate with my cousin and her two kiddies at my Grandmother's. Hmmm, what else? I'm fighting a little cold. Mainly a dumb cough. Ugh, I hate coughing.

So, there ya have it folks. Just call me Boring McBoringson. <- even that is sad, lol.

Next week Peyton and I are taking a little trip to Otown to visit with my fam because my sister Sarah is having minor surgery...aka just an excuse to visit really ;) So I will do my best to make that trip interesting so I'll have something to talk about!

...Off to enjoy this lovely weekend!


Lynzy said...

love the new background and font! where did you find them??

Michelle said...

The background...I just googled websites for backgrounds. I can't remember the name, because I always delete their annoying little boxes, lol. The font is an option from Blogger! They just added a bunch of new ones!