Monday, June 13, 2011

Home Decor on a Budget

Being a SAHM, I've had to get a little more creative when it comes to decorating my home. The budget isn't what it used to be, and that's ok :)

Awhile back, we were at Ikea (hello, BEST home store E.V.E.R.!! I mean, it's like Disney World for the home, seriously) and I found some fabric that I just had to have. And to tell you the truth, I don't even know if I had anything specific in mind to use it for, I just wanted it. Obviously this was before having a I must have a legit reason for purchasing everything, well most of the time anyway ;). Moving on, so, when we moved and I had to start decorating again I found the leftover fabric and put it to good use!

Here are some pics: (our office/guest/second bedroom)

Tada! I like it, alot. And it cost me nothing. Oh yes.


Lynzy said...

You are SO creative! I wish I had even 1/3 of your creativity!

Michelle said...

Thanks girl :) It's really nothing. I just find things on other blogs and try it!