Thursday, June 23, 2011

Some of my fav's

Here are a few cheap inexpensive products that I'm loving right now:

NYC's Sky Rise Mascara:

purchased at Target; $1.79!!

Umm, all I can say is this mascara is AWE to the SOME!! I don't have natural long lashes, they're actually kind of stubby (ew, that sounds gross) and all I want a mascara to do is make me have long lashes. I don't think that's a hard request!? Some would work for the first few times, others would just do nothing. Even though $7-8 a tube isn't bad compared to paying professional brand price, a girl just gets tired of wasting money on product that doesn't work. I was perusing down the cosmetic isles (as I do ALOT :)) and this happened to catch my eye because of the price. I figured, for a $1.72, if it doesn't work, WHO CARES!! Luckily, it worked and still works! I am in love. And you cannot beat the price. Seriously!

 Suave Professionals SLEEK Shampoo:

purchased at Target; $2.89

I have serious wirey, annoying frizz hairs on the top of my head, not to mention my hair gets really damaged from constant blowdrying and Chi usage. This shampoo makes my hair feel much healthier without feeling greasy!


Katie @ Loves of Life said...

It's fixed!! Here's the link:

Jaime said...

Have you seen the new ELF make up that Target carries now!?!?! Most of it is $1 {literally!!} and then the other is only $3!! I about peed my pants! haha! I bought the powder, some eye shadow, eye liner and mascara.. for $4!! so far.. LOVE it!! Plan on going back and getting LOTS more at that price, lol!

Michelle said...

Oh Jaime, I have and I LOVE that stuff!! I have purchased so many items just because of the prices, lol.