Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Old= New

I LOVE our "new" chairs!! 

When we moved back to Jax, we inherited a 6-seater dining room table. Which was AWESOME because we needed one. The only problem was it needed a little lift. The fabric was a little stained and worn. But that was no problem!! We needed something that would tie in the living room colors (black) and the table color (which was white). We went to the mecca of home stores, Ikea, and of course found the perfect pattern! The hubs helped me by taking apart the chairs and I stapled the new fabric on. We are quite the team :) It's amazing how something so simple makes a world of a difference!


Carrie*Nicole said...

LOVE! Grey is my favorite right now!

Abby Denton Evans said...

Love the fabric and the chair looks

indonesiatooverseas said...

It's look so simple to do. Thank for the idea, i'll try later.