Monday, September 19, 2011

Food Trucks

A little while ago, Austin had to go out of town, so Peyton and I went and spent some time visiting my family in Orlando. My sister and her new hubby live in an awesome area of town and had recently discovered that every Tuesday night, food trucks come to the park that's right next to their apartments. Well, I just had to check them out while I was there. And it was the coolest thing ever!! Pick which truck you want for dinner and then pick a truck for dessert. Um, can we say AWESOME!? I got a french onion grilled cheese and for dessert we all got Yum-Yum cupcakes (I got the s'more one, and it was DELISH). So fun! I wish they had something like this here where I live!!

 < Where we got our cupcakes

 < Josh enjoying his huge hotdog

< My yummy grilled cheese

 < Sarah and Brodie waiting for food

 < Eating by Lake Lilly

 < Mimi and P (Peyton didn't like not being able to run freely..ha)

 < The girls :)

 < My s'more cupcake (phone pic doesn't do it justice)

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