Saturday, February 25, 2012

I'm pregnant, I promise!

Ack. I know I've taken forever to post anything since my "announcement". My motivation is severely lacking lately. So, here are the deets...

When we found out:

So, the hubster and I had the "When are we going to have another baby?" chat back around September and decided that we'd just let whatever happen, happen. Meaning no pressure to "try". Fast forward to December and I just had a sneaking suspicion that this was "the" month. I then proceeded to get all excited thinking of all the fun ways we could tell our families at Christmas and all that jazz. {Note, I had yet to even take a test...I wasn't even close enough to be able to take one. I like to think ahead ;)}
A week passes and I had a round about idea of when my period should show, but it had been off a fews for the past few months. Being impatient as I was, I went ahead and bought some tests and used one. I almost threw it away thinking it was negative because the line was pretty much nonexistent. However, I thought I saw one as faint as it was. I showed Austin and he thought he could see it too but I still wasn't for sure. What does one do in this case? I text my best friend a picture and asked her what she saw....and she said a line!! Yay I wasn't making it up! So I take another the next day and the line isn't really any darker, still very faint. Austin tells me there's a line but I want something more definite so I go buy a digital test. Note to self/or others: Just skip to the digital. Who cares about saving a few dollars, lol. Better to not have to decipher!

Exhibit A:
Dec. 15. 2012 (first +)
Woohoo! We've done it again :)

How we told the fam: tell our families!! I had all these cute ideas for Christmas day but ultimately that was just too long to wait, lol. It's harder to hold it in the second time around. The next week we were meeting up with my family in St. Augustine for our annual "Before Christmas dinner in at Harry's" and I knew I had to tell them then. I just could not wait! So, we're all at dinner just talking while waiting for our food and I casually say, "Isn't it neat how two years ago when we were here, I was pregnant with Peyton, then the next year she was here and Josh's sister was pregnant (his fam joined last year) now this year Peyton will be a big sister!" My parents both just kind of nodded along and then the last part of my sentence hit them. They both scream, "What?!!?" and start yaying/clapping and word spread down the table to my sisters and their men...and surrounding tables (my Dad wanted to share with everyone, lol). It was alot of fun and I'm glad we told them then because I was about to burst!! The next night (Christmas Eve, Eve), we went out to eat with Austin's parents and brother (he was in town for Christmas, which was perfect!). Once we got back to their house, we were just sitting around talking and Austin says something like, "Next Christmas is going to be interesting...with two kids" His mom started to cry and they asked if we were serious and then there were hugs all around. We had an extra enjoyable/exciting Christmas this year! Not to mention crazy-weird to think that this was our last one with ONE child!

So there ya have it. The start of our current journey. Continue to follow as I'm sure things will get interesting :)


Scott said...

Congratulations to you, Austin, and Peyton...and Cody!

Our blog post says "We are not pregnant, I promise".

Hope all is well-

SKHAJ...and B
(aka Uncle Scott & company)

Michelle said...

Thanks Uncle Scott!! I hope all is well!! We may get to visit you guys some time. Austin's brother moved to Durham (really closer to Raleigh) a few months ago and we're hoping to get up there before the baby comes :)

Monster said...
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