Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bumpdate: 20 Weeks

****(here's the updated 20 week pic of Parker)
How Far Along: 20 weeks. HALFWAY POINT! Whaaa???!

Weight: up 4.5 lbs =/ of my appt Wed. I gained 4 lbs.!!! However, my belly seemed to pop last week, so I'll blame it on the baby ;)

Maternity Clothes: Definitely all bottoms, getting to be more maternity tops than not since the belly is making it's appearance :) I've been living in tunics and leggings though...LOVE my maternity leggings!!

Stretch Marks: Um, no new ones.

Sleep: Eh, it's better than it has been. But I still toss and turn alot and of course get up to pee!!

Movement: LOTS more movement lately. Parker's jabbing and moving alot more...he's been crazy. I think my placenta has either moved a little or he's just getting bigger because there's been a big difference in feeling him, Austin has even been able to feel him finally :)

Food/Cravings: Hallelujah my food aversion is fading!! I'm almost able to eat whatever without having to really think about it. The chicken aversion is still the strongest, but there's improvement!!

Labor Signs: Um, no

Belly Button: Still a big gaping crater. It's ugly really. It's getting shallower though, already!

What I miss: Sleeping NORMALLY, and not peeing all dadgum day.

Best Moment This Week: Our anatomy scan this past Wednesday and getting to see baby boy again :) He was much more lively and even stretched out his little arms and legs and yawned a few times.

Weekly Wisdom: Don't google things. Even people who don't stress out easily or tend to worry (like me) Just don't. Pregnancy hormones make you vulnerable. Seriously. ha.


Laura said...

Haha! I had to laugh about the comment about googeling! It is the worst!!!!!

Abby Denton Evans said...

Love the name!!!

Michelle said...

Thanks Abby!!