Monday, April 30, 2012


Ack. I've been so bad at documenting Peyton!! I think because once they turn one, they start learning and doing so many new things so quickly it's hard to keep up with it all. Every time I'd sit to write a post, I'd get overwhelmed with everything I'd want/try to remember and just quit. Dumb I know. However, with another one on the way, I refuse to let myself push anything else under the rug because it won't be "all about Peyton" for too much longer and I know it will only get harder to keep up with things with two.  So this post will be like a mile long but I want to remember this stage!

*Peyton will randomly announce a minute warning,"TWO MINUTES!!!" (or however many minutes she so chooses) whenever we are doing something. Not sure why she does this, but it cracks us up because it always seems to be at the appropriate time. (Ex: We're at a restaurant waiting to pay our bill or she wants Austin and/or I to do something with her and we have to finish what we're doing first.) I had no idea where she got this from until just the other day, she was watching Shrek and there was a part where Shrek yells at Donkey to be quiet for just "5 more minutes!!" <-- Aaaaand there you have it.

*With whatever she is doing, she groups colors together. When building blocks the same colors must be stacked together before moving to the next color, when eating fruit "naks" (snacks) she lines up each color group. OCD much? ha.

*Her favorite movies/shows are as follows:
-Toy Story (the first one, only b/c that's all we have :))
-Winnie the Pooh the movie
-Little Einsteins (the Playhouse Disney show, not the weird dvds)
-Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (any show/movie)
-Ice Age
-The Pixar Shorts
-Scooby Doo (which she only gets to watch at Mimi and Bia's b/c we don't get it here)

*Favorite toys:
-Baby (still must go with her EVERYWHERE)
-Blankie (ditto above^)
-Minnie dress-up figurine
-Toy Story figurines (Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Hamm, and Rex)
-Building blocks
-Littlest Pet shop animals
-Sophie the Giraffe (STILL! She plays with her more now than when she first got her at 11 mo!)

*She can count to 12 (doesn't mean she'll do it when asked, but I have heard her do it, so she can ;))

*She knows some shapes....triangle, circle, square, star

*Knows some colors....purple, green, blue, pink, red, yellow, orange (Again, depends what mood she's in if she'll tell you the color correctly...her default answer is "blue" lol)

*She loves to drink your coffee if you'll let her. None of us drink it "weak" either, so that's crazy.

*Food wise, ugh. I'll just leave it at that. Still eats NOTHING. I get anxiety thinking about it, but thank Jesus she's healthy and growing ;)

*We have been "becoming friends" with the potty. I refuse to say potty training because we aren't. I've sat her on the potty several times and she's even going #2 on it, but will NOT pee in it. So I haven't been pushing it, if she wants to sit on it we do. I tried a few days with " big girl und*es" but it just would not register with her. Still peed in them without even thinking something was different. If "training" her takes time, so be it. I refuse to stress about it. When she's ready, she's ready.

*She knows where Parker/Brother is- My belly. But those words still mean nothing to her.

*Other randoms: As far as what she is just too much to type. She's full on sentences. She is such a hoot  and talks really well (for her age that is). She STILL hates getting her picture taken. 80% of the time she will avoid the camera and scream "NO", sigh. (Exhibit A- top picture) Oh, and she still has the paci :/ Which I said by her 2nd birthday would be gone...notsomuch. She gets it only when sleeping and then in the car. We really need to work on this one. ((Shudder))

Welp, I think that's about it. She has her tantrums and major attitude, but I have to say she's more pleasant than not. I really wish I could freeze her in this stage. She's too much fun :)


Cindy H said...

That sweet little girl cracks us up!!!

Erin said...

I'm about to do a Collin post EXTREMELY similar to this! As I was reading it I'm thinking to myself two things: (1)No wonder Collin and Peyton get along so well and (2)Michell is going to think I stole her post almost word for word!

Michelle said...

Haha Erin! No I won't. We have toddlers, and they are smart, so they would do similar things ;) I have a love hate relationship with these kind of posts b/c I know I left stuff out but I just can't keep track of everything! lol