Monday, July 2, 2012

A Hodge Podge of a Post

It seems all I post about lately is my pregnancy. That is really about the only thing we have going on around here. It's summer, and it's super hot so we haven't been doing anything outside. Low key play dates inside and things like that. Austin is on vacation this week, so we'll hopefully do a few fun things and have some pictures to go along with it.

I think we have most definitely hit the Terrible Twos. Peyton, overnight, has become very difficult, does NOT want to listen, and throws tantrums about any.little.thing. She has always been stubborn but things have been kicked up a few notches. Sheesh!! I'm hoping the worst will come now before I have Parker to deal with too. On a postive note, she is talking so well and such a funny little kid. She has to make sure you're ok if you say "Ouch!". If she has an audience, she starts dancing crazily and puts on her funniest faces. I love her more than words can say.

Parker's room is about 30% finished. That is one of our tasks this week while Austin is get it finished. (At least have the carpets cleaned and the furniture placed.) I only have about 8 weeks!! Eeek! Also, Austin's going to get the infant car seat down and we'll get it washed and ready to go! :) July is the month of showers for us. This coming Saturday is our family shower. Three weeks after that is my friend shower. Can't wait!!

We're going to start Austin's vacation off right by taking a family date to Metro Diner for some yummy breakfast! Ta ta!

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