Thursday, December 20, 2012

Post Baby Wear

While I was pregnant with Parker, all sorts of cute fashion trends came around and of course, they were either not preggo friendly or not within a "budget friendly" range (for me). I blogged about the styles I so badly wanted to partake in, here. So once I had Parker and lost most of the baby weight, I couldn't wait to try them out!

Let's revisit shall we?

Colored denim/pants. I **might** have gone a little over board with these. But I LOVE them! I currently have mint, teal, coral and red ;)

Peplum tops. I have mixed emotions about this style. I wanted it to work for me so badly. I think the issue is that there are several cuts for these tops and some look ok on me while others I am ripping off before I even put them all the way on, lol. I currently own one of these tops. And while at first I thought it looked super cute, when I looked back at a picture of me wearing it, now I'm not so sure. If I were tall and slender, I don't think I'd have an issue....darn you hips!!

Pencil skirts. I'm really not sure why I thought this was such a must. I think it was simply because I couldn't wear them, ha.

It took me a long time to get back into wearing "styles" after I had Peyton. I was getting used to my "new" body and had to wear what was "nursing accessible". I mainly stuck to tank tops with some sort of cardigan or something with buttons. I didn't really try. This second time around I was determined to put more effort into my appearance. Just because I nurse doesn't mean I'm stuck to one certain look. I just had to get creative. No more frump! And even though we still have pj days at the house, I do get dressed more days than not ;)

I wanted to document my triumphs, lol, so here are some of my favs:

Here's to hoping I keep this up!! :)

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