Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Life with TWO

I have always heard that the transition from one child to two was difficult. But I never really thought I'd have issues with it. Especially when Peyton was at what I felt was a good age (2 1/2) and was semi-independent. We had been battling through the "Terrible Two's" and the tantrums that came with that made me think, "Pshh, if I can handle this, surely adding a baby can't be any more difficult."

::Blink, blink, blink::

The first few weeks had their trying times (i.e. dealing with Parker's jaundice issues) but overall, it was pretty easy. Peyton was adjusting well (so I thought) and Parker was nursing like a champ and was sleeping in good stretches so I didn't feel exhausted during the day (don't get me wrong though, I did take some naps!). Leaving the house did take more work than I thought it would, but I got the hang of that too. Parker would pretty much sleep the entire time out which for a short time made it feel like it was back to just me and Peyton.

Fast forward a few more weeks and I feel like I am now really starting to feel the weight of having two. Time management is HARD! Having to make time for myself and TWO little ones is proving to be quite the task. I tend to be late more than I am on time and that irritates me to the core. I used to always be on time if not early ::Sigh:: Factoring in getting everyone dressed, dealing with poopspolsions, various outfit changes from said poop, making sure P pottys before we leave and then nursing Parker right before we leave, takes up somuchtime!! I feel like I should be better at this by now.

Peyton has been acting out a lot, making it obvious that she's feeling the shift of sharing the spotlight. Luckily she doesn't take it out on Parker. Our only "problem" with her and how she treats Parker, is her "loving on him" too much. I'll take that over her trying to hurt him any day! lol. She has also been SO NEEDY!! She acts like she gets no attention EVER, which is not even close to the truth. Our days are pretty much the same as before Parker, only difference is, he's here. I don't know what to do to make her not feel that way. Maybe it's just something that'll work it's way out of her system? While she seems so big to me, I also have to remind myself of her true age and know that her little mind has the capacity to only understand so much.

I love both of my babies SO MUCH and feel so overwhelmingly blessed that God bestowed upon me this job of being their Mommy. I guess that's why I'm so bothered that I'm having "difficulties".

I know things will get easier, I'm just ready for that time to be now! Haha.

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