Thursday, January 3, 2013

Parker: 3 & 4 months

With the craziness of the holidays, I never did Parker's three month post!! So here's 3 and 4 together :)
(His stats will be current however)
 Weight: 15 lbs (50th percentile)
Length: 27 inches (99th percentile) SUPER tall!!
Clothing: 6/6-9 months
Diapers: size 2

What a whirlwind of two months it's been!! Two major holidays really make time fly. Let's start with November (month 3)....

You rolled from belly to back for the first time (a week before three months actually). You started grabbing for toys and putting them to your mouth. Since then, EVERYTHING goes in your mouth. You celebrated your first Thanksgiving. We had one big dinner at your Gigi's house (even Grammy and Papa and Helena and Uncle John were there too!). You also met your little cousin, Nolan, (who's only a month younger than you) for the first time. Neither of you really knew what to think ;) You both were super cute though!


You mastered rolling from your back to belly. You are now a uni-roller ;) If I put you on your belly, you never stay there long. You can hold yourself up really well when sitting. Your hand/eye coordination has improved a lot this month. You want to be sitting up all the time. If you're laid down you'll do a crunch to let whoever is holding you know you want to sit up. You got to meet Santa and have your picture with him! You loved him...Peyton did not. You also got your first bad viral cold. As if that wasn't bad enough, you were at your worst for your first Christmas :( I felt so horrible for you. We payed a visit to the doctor where we were told we had to just let it run it's course. On that note, you celebrated your first Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve with Bia and Mimi (and Aunties) in Orlando and then Christmas day back in Jacksonville with Grammy and Papa. You slept most of the day away because you felt so horrible but you were spoiled with tons of gifts ;)

Peyton is like the BEST little person EVER to you. She can make you laugh so easily. I hope this admiration for her continues as you grow because I want you two to be best friends.

At your 4 month appt, we got the ok from Dr. Kim that you can start solids (rice cereal) but I'm in no hurry to start that just yet. She was very impressed with you and said that you rival a 6 month-er. I'm not surprised, as you seem to always be trying to do something that your little body isn't quite able to do yet. Stop trying to grow up so fast!!

Sleeping. UGH. Up until you got sick, you were doing pretty good. At about 3 months, you decided to drop your lovely three hour mid-day nap and pretty much NOT NAP AT ALL. I've tried everything to get you to sleep like that again and nothing has worked. Boo. You'd just take little cat naps here and there instead. You still slept good at night....that is until you got sick. Now you're all messed up. You wake up at all times during the night. You wake up as soon as you're put down and have a FIT. Being held a lot when you were sick didn't help :/ Sooo needless to say, sleep has not been good for ME. I'm praying you get back to a good night time schedule SOON.

I said this with Peyton, and now with you I still think it's true. The 4th month is when things really start to get fun. You're little personality really shines through and you are so captivated with your surroundings. We love you Parker!!

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