Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Parker: ONE YEAR!

Weight: 21 lbs (50%tile)
Height: 31 1/4 in. (90%tile)
Clothes: 12/12-18 mo.
Diapers: sz 4

What You've Been Up To This Month

-You've been standing w/o holding onto anything more and more but I can NOT get you to try to take a step. You just collapse. But I'm not pushing you, because let's face it, I'm in no hurry for you to grow up ;) (****UPDATE- Finally took a few steps a few days after your birthday party, but still not taking steps all the time)

-You have a total of 5 teeth. 3 on top (almost 4) and two on bottom.

-You finally learned to shake your head "no" and love to do it all the time

-You've pretty much banished all baby food. You refuse even the flavors you used to love. I don't blame you though, "big food" is much tastier. And on that note, you pretty much love everything. I hope this continues forever because it's great!! Unlike your sister who eats hardly anything :/

-You started pitching little fits when you don't get what you want/aren't happy about something. You will lay on the ground and bury your face and fuss. It's actually really cute because you don't even scream or get really irate.

-Words you can say are:

"Ay" (Hey)
"uh oh"
"ah duh" (all done)
"nigh-nigh" (night night)
"whas da?!" (what's that)

-You had for first cup of whole milk a few days before your birthday. You neither love it or hate it.

-Still nursing about 4 times a day

-You're getting pretty good at listening, if I say "NO", most of the time you will stop the first time I say it. I hope this continues as well ;)

You Love

-Still love to "read" books
-To push anything and everything. If it can be moved, you will move it.
-To throw balls and watch them bounce
-To be up in anyone's business
-To eat
-Our fish. We just got new fish and all you wanted to do that first day was have one of us hold you so you could "Ooooo" at the fishies.
-To color. You know how writing utensils work. You will scribble on the Magna Doodle and will scribble with a crayon. You will also EAT said crayon if I'm not watching you closely ;)

You Hate

-Sleep (Ughhhh)
-To be told no (who doesn't?? ha)

We made it to a year! I can't believe how quickly you've grown. We love you SO much!!

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