Wednesday, July 24, 2013

11 Months!!!

We absolutely canNOT be a month away from my BABY turning ONE??!!? I think I literally blinked just a few times!! Ahhhhhh...anyways, this is what you've been up to this month:

Weight: 20 lbs
Height: Not sure...
Diapers: size 3 but probably moving to size soak through them at night too often :/
Clothing: 12 mo./12-18 mo.

You Love:

-Knocking down anything and everything. You think it's your job. 
-Following your sister everywhere. 
-Food. You'll eat baby food but LOVE "big people" food. You will spit something out if you don't like it though. Thankfully, there's more food you like than not. 
-Goldfish. You prefer them over your puffs.
-To say "AY!!"(Hey) to everyone that walks into a room or passes by you. 
-"Reading" books. Any time you aren't following your sister, I can pretty much find you with a book in your lap
-Looking out any window you can find
-Your Momma :) 
-To talk. You just babble all day long. Only when you are at home or in familiar places though. Otherwise, you're very quiet and just observe your surroundings.
-Bathtime. As soon as you hear water running, you crawl like lightening to the bathroom, haha. 

Things You Say:

-"AY!" (Hey)
-"Ah da" (All done)
-"Ah dat" (What's that)

You Hate:

- Sleeping. UGH.
-Getting your diaper changed (I think it's more because you have to sit still for a whole TWO MINUTES. 
-Riding in the car. Eh, this is really a toss up. But I think you dislike it more than you tolerate it. Maybe once you face forward this will change?? I can only hope. 
-Teething. You and me both kiddo. It's been an good three months of misery. You tug at your ears CONSTANTLY (which has resulted in two dr visits just to make sure there was no ear infection. And both times your ears "looked perfect") And with that, sleep has been sparse. Only recently have we had about a week of you sleeping until 4/5 before waking up for the first time....Instead of your, oh, every TWO hours. It can't last forever can it?!? With that, you have 4 teeth total so far. Two top, two bottom. 
****And just for my memory's sake: You are still in the pack n play in our room ::whomp,whomp:: I can't believe I've let this be, but you know what, whatever helps me get the most sleep!!! 


Your little personality is really coming out now. You are just so cute :) You are always on the go. Getting into everything, exploring every inch of the house. You never attached to any toy or "lovie". No blanket, paci, or toy ever stuck with you. Which is ok but I feel like if you had one of those that it would help in the sleep area (wishful thinking??). You are so sweet. Always giving kisses and hugs. This month was uneventful. We didn't do anything exciting. Peyton went to VBS for the first time so you and I had some quality one-on-one time together every morning that week :) You pull up on everything and push anything that will move. You will walk with your grocery cart and walker toy but you won't try to walk if I help you. You don't seem to have the desire to walk on your own yet....and I can't say I mind ;) The longer you depend on me, the longer you can be my baby :) 

Party planning is underway and I'm very excited to see my vision come to life ;) I can't believe I have only one more month to call you my "baby" and then you will be a "toddler"!!!

We love you so much little boy!!! 

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