Sunday, October 4, 2009

Nursery Progression

We have officially started the process this afternoon! Stage one is to move our office (which was in our guestroom/now nursery) into our bedroom. Thanks to my awesome husband, that is now complete!

We found an awesome white desk at Ikea (my FAV store!) that matches our bedroom looks pretty darn good in there if I do say so myself! :) This project will more than likely take up our weekends until we are done!

We are going to have a "Nesting Party" for my birthday. Both of our families are coming down and are going to help with putting the nursery together, and ofcourse, to celebrate my birthday :) That's when all the fun decorating will go down...what I'm looking forward to the most!!

Austin and I finally found the perfect nursery bedding. I got it Thursday and I LOVE it!! It took me a little while to decide on what "style" I wanted for her nursery. I already knew that I wasn't going to do the traditional "baby look" with animals or characters. I ended up with a colorful modern/funky look. Very bright and happy :) I searched online forever for just the "right one" and when I found it, I managed to see it on another website for HALF THE PRICE!! Great deals make me so happy :D (here it is)

Peyton has been quite active. Ever since I first felt her move, (which was around my 17th week) I have felt her every single day since. Austin loves to feel her kick too. It's neat to be able to share that with him. Every little kick is a constant reminder of my soon-to-be new job and I love it :)

Other than that, the Rumsey household has been pretty quiet. Austin doesn't travel at all this month, so I will have him home with me everyday :). I think we may be going to Halloween Horror Nights this coming weekend, so I'm kind of looking forward to that!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!


Erin said...

Her bedding is so cute! I had a difficult time deciding on something that wasn't a "baby theme" too. It's easier said than done, but I'm sure that her room is going to super cute and will be your new favorite room in the house :)

Josh and Rebecca Hewiett said...

I LOVE the bedding!! I am so excited for you guys! I am sure that when our time comes (still not anytime soon...) I will be hitting you up for all of the scoop on where to find the best stuff :) I am so glad that everything is going well.