Sunday, October 18, 2009

Nursery To-Do List

pick paint color(s)

It seems that every nursery decision has been a hard one. I don't know why, I'm not an indecisive person, it just seems that there was a problem with every choice that I had to make. Ugh!

Maybe because I want everything to be just right?? More than likely.

Needless to say, we did choose and order the crib and furniture (I thought I would never find what I wanted!), pick/order the bedding, and have started to buy random nursery decorations. We are getting somewhere!! lol.

Now the challenge at hand is choosing a paint color! The bedding I chose has several colors in it but the colors that pop out the most are a really light aqua and orange. So we went to Home Depot yesterday and picked out sample colors of aqua and orange to test at home. I know, you're thinking orange!?! But we're talking a very light/sheer orange, more light sherbet....too bad the color we chose is a bit much. Here are the two colors we've slapped on the wall.....

Everyone's opinions/ideas would be greatly appreciated! :)

Other than that, we had a nice "cool front" come through Tampa this weekend and it feels GREAT!!! We even had our front door open (screen door closed, don't worry! ;))last night while we did some things around the house. If only it could stay this way. With it being Florida I know it won't, but I'll sure enjoy it while it's here!! :)

Gonna go enjoy the rest of my Sunday evening before work comes in the morn :p


Angela said...

Your bedding is absolutely adorable!! I actually like the orange color, but it looks like it might be a little overwhelming if the whole room is that color. What if you do the same color but a few shades lighter? I like the aqua, too, though. I suppose it would be the safer choice. If it's the same color as in the pic you posted a while back (when you first showed the bedding) then at least you know it would look nice.

Erin said...

OOOO I love the orange! I think Angela is right though, it could be too overwhelming in that shade if the whole room is that color. Considering blues and oranges are my favorite colors, I don't think you can go wrong with either of them! :)

Austin and Michelle said...

Thanks ladies :)

Yeah Angela, I was thinking if I can find just the right shade of the orange it may work....that's the tricky part! I'll keep ya'll updated!!