Friday, December 18, 2009

Bullet Style

I decided to do this update in bullet points...much quicker, since my desire to update is severely diminishing

*Last Wednesday- Pretty exciting day to say the least. My branch got robbed, and you guessed it, I was the lucky teller that the robber chose. Yippee. It was the most unbelievable realization, it happened so fast I had no time to panic, I actually found myself asking myself "Seriously!?!?" Long story short, he was in and out in like 5 minutes (no one else in the branch even knew that I was robbed) and no one was hurt. They still have yet to catch him even though he wore no disguise!

*Sunday- Austin and I had our Childbirth Class. I thought Austin would leave that class scared to death, or at least scarred by some of the details that he would find out (haha), but he told me himself that he really enjoyed it and had a good time! Who knew?! I think it helped that we had a pretty cool teacher (who we found out was from Jax! Small world...) and a really fun class. We both got alot out of it and I'm really glad we did it, even though the thought of labor still freaks me out. Anyone want to do that part for me?? ;)

That night we went to our church's Christmas presentation. We have been getting to know a couple our age that live across the street from us and had invited them to come with us, and they did. I think they really enjoyed it, I know we did!

*This week- My doctor's office finally got back with me on my three hour glucose test results....and I am GOOD :) No gestational diabetes! Yay!

Work is nothing more than packing up retention and paperwork and cleaning out EVERYTHING (since we're closing...did I ever mention that?? If not, yeah, come January 29th, my branch will be closed. Fun times!). That's basically all my life will consist of at work until I have Peyton. Whoohoo.

*Pregnancy-wise- Three words: I am R-E-A-D-Y. I've had a great pregnancy so far, so I can't really complain...wait, yes I can, and I will. As of about two weeks ago, I'm just down right miserable. Sleep is torture and it's so sad because it's something I once looked forward to, lol. My hips hurt almost daily and there's nothing I can do (atleast not that I have found) to make the pain/achiness go away. I have been blessed enough to not have anything swell, until a few days ago. My poor beautiful tootsies have started to be slightly poofy at times :(. I've always been warm natured, but now the preggo hormones have turned up the thermostat! That was my rant. I just needed to get it all out :)

I've found myself saying that even though we don't have all the baby items we need, I would be perfectly fine if Miss Peyton decided to come now, lol. Austin and I are just so excited to be able to hold her and to see who she looks like!!

*This weekend- We're going to finish our Christmas present shopping Saturday and on Sunday we have our tour of the hospital's Labor and Delivery!! I am REALLY excited about that!! :)

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Erin said...

I still can't believe you were the one that got robbed. He couldn't have at least chosen a not pregnant teller? GEEZ! So inconsiderate!

I closed down one of our in-store branches a few years ago. That was a lot of work, I can't imagine doing it for a normal store, so... good luck with that!

Coming from someone who had a lot of hip pain too... believe me when I tell you, you seriously won't remember it the second you see your little girl! :)