Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Rumseys- Thanksgiving 2009

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! We spent Wednesday night through Friday evening in Orlando with my family and Friday eveing through Sunday with Austin's. Austin, my sister Amanda and other sister Sarah's boyfriend Josh, ran in a 5k Turkey Trot bright and early Thanksgiving morning.

Then everyone got cleaned up and ready for Thanksgiving lunch! Yum :) The food was wonderful (as always), we all ate too much (as we should!), and we all enjoyed spending time talking and catching up with eachother.

On to Jacksonville! We had a great time there as well. Saturday morning I met up with my best girlfriend, Jenn. She left her precious baby girl with her Daddy so that we could catch up on some quality girl time!! (Which is ALWAYS needed!) After Starbucks for coffee, pedicures and a little store hopping, we parted ways.

Later that day, Austin, his Dad and brother headed to the woods for "man time" and I hit the outlets with Mom Rumsey and Lisa! Whoohoo...can never shop too much! lol. I got a small bit of Christmas shopping accomplished, which was good, because Austin nor I had started yet! :/ I was preeetttyyy pooped by the time we got home that night. WHEW! Traffic was HORRIBLE coming home Sunday afternoon...but I guess that should be expected on the last day of a long weekend. Doesn't mean I have to like it!! ;) All in all...GREAT GREAT GREAT Turkey Day!

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