Monday, December 7, 2009

Question for the Mommies out there

What is every one's take on infant vaccinations, as far as- all at one time or a few at a time?

I seem to be leaning towards the side of spreading them that Peyton doesn't get like 5 at a time (while she is so little). If you did space them out, were your doctors acceptable of this or did you seem to meet some resistance?

I've got to pick a pediatrician, and it's hard. Especially when you're in a city that you did not grow up in/are not that familiar with. The few people that I know are fellow employees that either had their kids awhile ago or don't have any at all. I know it's good to interview your picks, but with my work schedule and the hectic-ness of the rest of the year (and my pregnancy!!) I don't think I'll have time!! I'm thinking about just picking one, so at least that's out of the way and then just seeing how it goes from there....any suggestions??


Lynzy said...

my doctor spaces them out already. the most mine gives at one time is 3. I can't speak for other doctors offices but I think they do spread them out anyways.

Angela said...

This is something I struggled with a little bit, too, but in the end, I allowed Dallas's doctor to just do what they normally do. She got the Hep B shot while we were still at the hospital, and they gave her her first whole round of vaccinations when she turned two months old. It was three shots and one thing that she took by mouth.

Several of my family members tried to tell me that we should space the vaccinations out more, but in the end I decided to just trust the doctor since he is the one who actually went to medical school. I know that I must educate myself so that I can make informed decisions, but at the same time, I don't want to always be questioning what the doctor does. I chose our pediatrician because I liked the office and staff and had heard really good things about all of the doctors in the practice, and I figure that they would not do something that was unsafe for children.

Also, I feel like by waiting to vaccinate you could just be putting your child at even more risk of actually getting one of the illnesses you're trying to protect them from.

All of that, and I still want to say that this has to be a decision that you make based on what you think is right for your child. Listen to other people's reasoning, but you don't have to do things one certain way just because people tell you that you should.

If you're having trouble finding a pediatrician, why don't you call someone you know here in Jax and ask them to recommend a doctor there?

Erin said...

Considering Dallas and Collin have the same pediatrician, Collin will be getting his first round of shots at the end of this month. He got the Hep B at the hospital too.

I also have to agree with Angela. Listen to who you want to listen to, block out who you want to block out (remember my "unsolicited advice" message?) and remember that the doctor did go to med school. But ultimately Peyton is your daughter and you have the final say in how she is raised.

Before I went to my OB I looked at the site the doctor equivalent of, maybe try it for some pediatricians in your area.

Feel good about yourself though, I didn't think about looking into that until the week Collin got here, thank goodness for Angela :)

Austin and Michelle said...

Maybe I'm just thinking about it too much! Thanks for all the advice!!! :)