Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas 2009

We had a great Christmas this year, even though it got off to a little bit of a rocky start (with the robbery and such). We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with my family in Orlando, and Christmas day and the rest of the weekend with Austin's family in Jacksonville. We were spoiled by our families (what's better?! :)) and had a great time enjoying quality time with one another. The topic of every conversation this year was how next year, and every year after that, is going to be SOO different...Peyton will be here! :) It was a really exciting realization. We'll all be watching HER open gifts next year, and taking HER picture in front of the tree. It's still so surreal!

After a fun packed long holiday weekend, we came back home that Sunday and settled back into "reality mode". That is so hard to snap out of after having such a great time off. It stinks really. lol.

Our New Year's was pretty uneventful. It was going to be just Austin and I, as we are not going to be going out of town anymore since Miss Peyton's arrival is so close, but Austin's brother and cousin decided they wanted to come visit :). We had fun just hanging out with them and visiting. The four of us had every intention of staying up to watch the ball drop. We even tried playing Monopoly..which you know goes on FOREVER! But around 11:15, we all decided we couldn't hold our eyes open any longer and went to bed. We're such party animals! lol.

I've been back to work for a week and a half now, and no more robberies! (They still have yet to catch the guy, and last week he robbed another bank!) The joke now b/w Austin and I is, if I can get through 1 day and not get robbed, it's a success. I'm glad we can laugh about it, no reason for me to live in fear everyday. One excellent result from that whole mess is, our branch has a guard all day, every day. Makes me feel 100% better! I've been keeping busy with branch closure procedures, and will continue up until Peyton comes or we close, whichever comes first!

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