Tuesday, January 5, 2010

December 21, 2009

December 21st. Just another normal day at work, nothing special, or so I thought.

Another teller and I were behind the teller line talking, neither of us had a customer, and she then turns to me and whispers, "Michelle, that guy looks like the robber!". (Now, let me tell you that several of our regular male customers that come in on a frequent basis, look like our lovely robber, and we had been saying "Ah, that guy looks like him!" several times...) I look up to see for myself and crap, it really does look like him. There we stand, waiting. The man proceeds to my window and, would you believe it, PASSES ME ANOTHER HOLD UP NOTE!!! IT WAS HIM, AGAIN!!! So, me, being the pro that I am now, give him the money in my top drawer as he requested. Diane meanwhile was watching the entire time and pushed her hold up alarm. I gave the guy the dye pack too (take that you jerk!) and he walks out just as if he had just cashed a check. I waited for him to get in his car and then went to go lock the front door...on my way back, I tripped and fell...ON MY STOMACH! Wonderful. I get up, I'm OK, at least I don't feel hurt. Cops get there, detectives get there, I go through the same process as the last time. (Geez, it's still weird to say that) I decided that even though I felt fine that it would be good to stop by my doctor just to make sure everything was OK, for my peace of mind. Austin and I end up going to the hospital because my doctors office doesn't have sonogram equipment. That little "just a sonogram" turned into me having to stay the night because it turned out that I was having some small contractions! (that I was NOT feeling at all!) I got to experience a little of what the labor process will be like, with getting an IV (NOT FUN!) and being hooked up to monitors. Long story short, the contractions stopped, Peyton and I were OK, and Austin and I got to leave the next morning.

I never want to get robbed again!!


Angela said...

I cannot believe he robbed you twice!! I mean, if you're going to be a bank robber, can't you at least pick on someone other than the pregnant girl?!

Austin and Michelle said...

Tell me about it! lol