Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Peyton's Room: Update

Austin and I have been finishing up Peyton's nursery little bits at a time and I'm happy to say, I think we're pretty much done! We're just waiting on her glider (that her Grammy and Papa, Austin's parents, bought for her) to get here. I spent most of this past weekend washing all of her clothes, sheets, blankets, and washcloths. I packed my hospital bag and her baby bag. Austin installed her carseat in our car and even packed himself a "Daddy bag" :). I'd say we're ready for her!

^the glider will go on this wall, under the shelf

***Edit*** Here's her glider, we got it today! :)


Angela said...

So cute!! I think something must be wrong with my computer, because I can only see the two pictures of the crib and that's it, but I love it! Where did you get the letters for her name? It's so unusual and fun!

Erin said...


Lynzy said...

Her room looks awesome! great job!

Austin and Michelle said...

Angela, I found those letters at Joann's!! I loved them because they were a font that I had never seen before! Plus, they were on sale...I think that always makes things better! haha