Friday, February 26, 2010

Besties at first sight

Last weekend, my best friend and her family came to meet Peyton. It was a long awaited visit, as life kept getting in the way and we had to keep moving the dates. Peyton may have screamed a good amount of the time, but we really enjoyed our time together. It was so neat to have our girls finally meet!! Little do they know, but they are going to be BFFs :) We just hung around the house for the most part, but Jenn and I did take the girls for a walk, Peyton's first walk. Can you guess what she did for the first half of the walk? Yep, cryscream. I picked her up and she stopped immediately, so I then sat her back in her stroller and she was quiet the rest of the time! Jenn and I concidered that a success, lol. All in all, I got to visit with my best friend, my little girl got to visit with her best friend.....WONDERFUL WEEKEND :)

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