Saturday, February 27, 2010

One Month!

I cannot believe it's been a MONTH already....time flies. Let's see if I can recap what's happened during Peyton's first month...

We've come to accept the fact that our sweet little girl has colic :( Luckily, every day isn't horrible. We have our good days!

She has taken to a pacifier. (Well, when she wants to) This has been a life saver when she starts to really get fussy.

She's a marathon eater...sheesh, she would stay attached to me if I'd let her! (within two weeks she gained a solid pound!)

Newborn sizes are just now really starting to fit....she is long but very skinny!

She kind of likes her stroller. We've taken a few walks and she hasn't screamed! So I concider it something she "likes"....however I'm still not brave enough to try the stores!

Austin and I both are stubborn and hardheaded, so our daughter has received a double dose. (Lovely!)

Anything that a typical newborn would like/or would help calm one down, does NOT work on my child. Forget the swing or swaddle blanket. She is high maintanence. Whatever is the most work for mommy and daddy is what works best...imagine that.

She is an AWESOME sleeper (at night). We shoot to go to bed between 10-11 and she sleeps until 5! Do I hear angels singing?? :)

She is extremely strong! She already will roll herself onto her side, if on her back and if mad enough, has turned onto her tummy from her side.

If Austin or I are holding her and she hears the other talk, she'll turn her head and search for you.

She loves her mommy! ...and I love that :)

I CAN NOT belive that a month has passed already. Austin and I have learned so much as new parents. It is a HARD but truely rewarding job! We look forward to what her next month will bring!!


Erin said...

I can't believe it's been a month already! She is absolutely adorable! I LOVE her little "1" outfit, it's too cute.

I'm glad she's sleeping well for you. Collin is 4 months (YIKES!) and still doesn't sleep that long. :( I get really discouraged hearing so many babies sleeping that long. But then I feel blessed that we aren't dealing with colic. You definitely have my sympathies with that!

Enjoy watching her learn new things, it's so much fun! I can't wait to see more pictures of your little cutie-pa-tootie!

Michelle said...

If I had to choose b/w no colic and sleeping through the night....I think I would defiantely give up my sleep at night, lol. Consider yourself blessed! :)