Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fast forward- Month TWO

That is what this past month has felt like...someone pushed the fast forward button!

During the first month, I remember wondering if we would ever make it through with our sanity still intact, lol. Now, I feel as if I can't hold on to the day long enough. Austin and I were talking about how, now, it seems as if Peyton changes DAILY! Ahh. She is TWO MONTHS now and she is not a newborn anymore. She looks like a little person now. It's adorable but kind of sad at the same time! My baby is growing! Here's her two month stats:

*She's wearing size 1 diapers (they're still a smidge roomy)

*She has officially found her little voice. She "talks" and smiles all the time now

*Is a drooling queen...don't know where that came from, but she's good at it! ;)

*Clothing is kind of an issue. She's (for the most part) too long for newborn things now, but most 3mth things are still too big/wide

*Is really good at following people and looks towards noises.

*She hates being "alone". If left unattended, she will yell to let you know she MUST be your center of .ALL.TIMES. (Oh boy...)

*She's pretty much over her colic/fussiness! Thank you Jesus! Just a little in the evening, and the occasional "fussy day" here and there.

*She likes to move (Ex. be in her swing, bouncy seat, in your arms bouncing/swaying...)

*Likes to sit up. She does not like to be held laying down, unless she's sleepy. She wants to be a big girl! I think she just likes being able to see everything. If she's laying flat, she'll try to lift her head up, as if to tell us she wants to sit up! It's the craziest thing. I swear she's determined to grow up NOW. (My mom says it's the typical "first born"

*She giggles!! I LOVE it...I haven't been able to get her to do it alot. But it is the cutest sound ever!

I love, love, love, seeing Peyton change and learn new things. It's also much better having her more content, now that the colic/fussiness has subsided. I just cannot believe how many things change in one month!! I can't wait to see what this next month brings!!

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