Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Girl Talk

Lately, Peyton has been managing to get a random, single squeak out here and there. However, yesterday I was changing her and was talking to her, as I always do, and she started to "talk" back! It was the sweetest thing I have ever heard!! ((Melt my heart!!)) She did it for about 5 minutes. I swear she would say words if her little mouth would let her! lol. You can tell as you talk to her that she focuses on your mouth and tries so hard to imitate you! I can't wait until she can fully coo all the time :)

She's also started a new thing. Instead of full-out crying right off the bat when she's hungry, she'll let out an angry, impatient yell. It's pretty funny. It's like she's saying "HEY! I'm hungry, hurry up already!!"...........Mommyhood is so much fun :)

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In Wonder of it All.... said...

cute cute cute- she's getting big already! Love the new layout