Monday, May 31, 2010

1,2,3, FOUR!!

FOUR months already?!

Let's see what's happened in the past month.....


Length- 25 3/4ths in. (92nd!! %tile)
Weight- 13 lbs. 12 oz. (34th %tile)
Clothes size- 3/6 months (I''ve already filled a bin full of all the clothes she can't fit into anymore!! :()
Diapers- 1-2


*her paci
*her blankie
*her family
*bath time
*chewing on her hands/or really anything she gets ahold of
*getting rocked to sleep
*attention...oh boy
*to hold mine/or her Daddy's hand (awwww :))
*having books read to her


*sleep (fights it every time!)
*to be by herself (if you leave her sight she pitches a FIT!)
*sometimes, getting her diaper changed


*time to church 5/23/10
*tastes of: (and I'm not saying I'm proud of this and I was also not the one giving some of these to her....a certain grandpa may be to blame...;))
-caff. free coke
-a pickle
-frozen custard (she LOVES this, lol)
-italian ice
*carousel ride
*trip to the beach/vacation
*swim in the pool


*reach, grab, and hold
*roll over (still working on the back to tummy)
*mimic you (blow raspberries back at you, "talk back" to you)
*notices her feet and loves to grab at them and watch them move
*has become interested in her doggy, Cody (she reaches for him and will follow him around the room with her eyes)
*loves to feel faces (noses especially, lol)


I used to be able to put her down around 9 and she would sleep until about 3:30, nurse, go back to sleep, wake again at 5:30 to nurse and then sleep until around 7ish and we'd be up for the day. For about the past month, she's been waking SEVERAL times throughout the night (ughhhh!!). I don't think she's teething. (Believe me, I'm keeping an eye on those gums!) I just pray it doesn't last much longer!!

I cannot believe how much she's grown and changed this month. She's picked up on so many new things! She has developed such an adorable personality..she's a hoot! I'm enjoying the Mommy ride and taking it all in!:) Bring on month 5....


Erin said...

She is too cute! Sleep will get better, I'm speaking from experience. And Collin just turned 7 months and still doesn't have any teeth. I thought I was going to punch the next person that told me "he's probably just teething"

Michelle said...

that seems to be the reason everyone gives for anything right now, lol

Mitchell and Jennifer said...

Well technically it takes 3 to 5 months from the time a tooth finishes forming down in the gums until it breaks the skin, so if there's a lot of slobber, than it could be that...

My best guess though would be that's hungrier at night, and wants more food. Have you guys ever given her a bottle? If so, and she already will take one for you or 'Daddy', you could try giving her rice cereal in her bottle right before bed. It usually puts them out for a sounder night's sleep! Hope something works soon!