Friday, July 30, 2010

Half a YEAR!!

Weight: will update after your appt.
Length: will update after your appt.
Diapers: Huggies- 1/2
Clothing size: you have quite a range! still some 3 month, 6 month, and recently, a few 9 month pieces (even though I am in denial about them, they must be mismarked! You canNOT be growing that fast...)
**Let me add that until you were about 3 1/2 mths, you were on the smaller side, everything I put on in your "size" was too big. Now you're dead-on or sometimes have to go up a size!

What Are You Doing These Days:

*You like to bang things with your hand...and when you have something IN your hand, you've realized you can bang that and make noise!

*You roll EVERYWHERE! You roll to wherever and whatever you want

*You scoot, but only little bits at a time

*You can sit up, but only for a few minutes, then you usually let yourself fall over, because let's face it, it's hard to sit yourself up and you'd rather lay down and play than sit up (oh geez) Mommy is constantly making you sit up and you don't like it!

*You've been saying "mama" and "dada"...mostly in between your babbling several other sounds too but Austin and I swear you've looked at me when you said "mama" and did it on purpose....but the other day, Austin came into the room and I said "who's that Peyton??" you looked up, saw Daddy, smiled and said "dadada" ...tell me that wasn't on purpose!

*Anytime anyone around you has a drink, you want a sip! I bought you your own cup thinking that would satisfy you, but no, you want our cups because that's where the good stuff is! Smart girl!

*I've started making you clap and we say "yay!" at first you kept your hands clamped closed and now you realize they can make a noise if they are open, so now when I make you clap, you keep them open! So smart :)

*You have a love/hate relationship with Mickey Mouse the doll. Sure you love him on tv but when Daddy brought you home a stuffed one and we showed him to you, you screamed bloody murder, and it wasn't because you were happy....slowly but surely you are warming up to him, but he still makes you a tad uneasy. (Austin and I find this hilarious...don't judge, haha)

*I have realized that you have a MUCH better closet full of clothes than I do, and I'm ok with that ;) (Most of the credit needs to go to your Mimi and Grammy!)

*You love to eat anything we feed you. However it seems that your digestive system has a hard time keeping a nice schedule getting rid of it! No matter the baby food, we've had a time with constipation..ugh. So we've kind of backed off the solids and are slowly reintroducing them, one at a time with LONG breaks in between.
..I might add that you also have started "helping" us feed you, you insist on holding the spoon too and helping guide it to your mouth, just in case we forget where it is ;)

*For about a month now you have started making this disturbing, grunt/growl noise when you are mad/frustrated. I have to say, I don't like it, you sound like a monster lol

*You love attention and you love when people compliment you. You immediately flash them a huge grin and flutter your beautiful little lashes. Funny, you can't even talk yet but I swear you understand when people tell you how adorable or how pretty you are....
You also hate to be left alone, if I/anyone leaves your sight, you start to fuss!

*You laugh your head off at me when I sing you the following:

-the Hillshire Farm meat commercial..."I said a beef hotlink, I said a beef hotlink..Go meat!"
-the Geico commercial with the annoying ring tone..."Ring-idy-ding-ding-dingy-dong, a-ring-idy-ding-ding"
-Old McDonald

Maybe it's the tone I use when I sing them? or maybe the face I make? Not sure, but you crack up every.time.

*You went to your first movie..."Despicable Me" (you lasted through half of it!)

*You've learned you can now blow raspberries with your tongue not just your lips

*When you get excited about something or want attention, you pant like a is the funniest thing!! (Auntie Sarah taught you this...)

*You are an instant mood lifter! Times have been kind of rough for our family lately, and Peyton is a bright ray of sunshine. We take a trip to my parents and immediately, my Dad (and Mom!) feel better :)

Peyton is turning into her own little person more and more each day. She is so much fun! Here's to another month of fun new things!!


Erin said...

Happy half birthday Peyton! Such a cutie!

Miss Monica said...

What a great list of things to remember about this age! How precious!

Miss Monica said...

What a great list of things to remember about this age! How precious!