Thursday, July 22, 2010

Random Thursday

I have a new favorite brand of nail polish. It's Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure. I LOVE it, seriously, it's the bomb! I have always been been obsessed with keeping color on my toes (you will NEVER see my feet w/o polish...) and fingers. My coworkers used to tease me that even when I had a child I would still find a way to change the color of my nails. And they were correct! How do I find the time? I just do! lol. Anywhoo, back to the brand. Aside from an awesome color selection, the polish dries quickly (BIG plus) and is sooo smooth! Depending on the color I can sometimes get away with only ONE coat! (Which is super good when you have a baby that will probably decide to wake up right in mid polish) It has a cool shaped brush that makes it really easy to get around your cuticles. It is a little more expensive than Revlon or Maybelline but not much as OPI or Nicole. (Target seems to always have them priced a little lower too!)
If you're lookin' for a good brand that looks like you went and had a manicure, try this out!

My color of choice for the lovely summer...."Fairy Teal"

(I never would have thought I would ever like teal, but VOILA!! :)

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